Newsletter – Edition 9 March 2022

Newsletter – Edition 9 March 2022

Rocco drive, the scene of many a failed dream and the odd excessive pint- played host to Saturday’s extravaganza.  Plenty to enjoy in this newsletter- Cuddles from Corey, some Curry for Sam and good luck to the Mansfield Team.!

Newsletter – Edition 8 Feb 2022

Newsletter – Edition 8 February 2022

Garfield goes gale force; Shelly is awesome, Mark makes bad words, what would Neil do? And Victoria’s largest pumpkin…

Newsletter – Edition 7 Feb 2022

Newsletter – Edition 7 February 2022

The loop lights up, Tuesday Summer series gets hot and riders prepare for Garfield Handicap…

Newsletter – Edition 6 Feb 2022

Newsletter – Edition 6 February 2022

Blown away at Bazalagette, Summer Series gets hot, gearing up for Garfield and the ECC Women’s Grand Prix….

Newsletter – Edition 5 Feb 2022

Newsletter – Edition 5 February 2022

The stillness of Casey Fields, Kit order time, a Roster Reminder, and a correction or two…

Newsletter – Edition 4 Feb 2022

Newsletter – Edition 4 February 2022

Eastern Cycling Members at the Loop on Saturday took a minute silence to remember Keith Bowen….

Newsletter – Edition 3 Jan 2022

Newsletter – Edition 3 January 2022

Alpine action, Dunlop Rd heat, Kit order time and a sombre moment to remember one of the ECC greats….

Newsletter – Edition 2 Jan 2022

Newsletter – Edition 2 January 2022

2022 season is heating up- the much-maligned Melbourne meteorological malaise has delivered several 30 plus race days and wild weather…

Newsletter – Edition 1 Jan 2022

Newsletter – Edition 1 January 2022

Welcome to 2022 and what an exciting start to the year it has been so far!  At least we learned a little more about the Greek Alphabet….

Newsletter – December 18 2021

Newsletter – December 18 2021

A well-timed cool change swung through METEC just in time for the qualifying scratch races of the Christmas Handicap…

Newsletter – December 12 2021

Newsletter – December 12 2021

The fast and flat Bazalgette circuit provided a bunch of B graders an opportunity to step up and test their legs against the strength and cunning of A graders…

Newsletter – December 04 2021

Newsletter – December 04 2021

The usual barage of inclement weather meted out torment to all those at
Casey on Saturday…

Newsletter – November 27 2021

Newsletter – November 27 2021

The club’s Road Championships were held on Saturday with good racing
for the few that braved the warm and blustery conditions at Yarra Glen…

Newsletter – November 20 2021

Newsletter – November 20 2021

The Dave Ryan Memorial Race was run and won decisively by ECC…

Newsletter – November 14 2021

Newsletter – November 14 2021

Rocco had its challenges this week….

Newsletter – November 06 2021

Newsletter – November 06 2021

Warm and windy conditions met the 39 riders who fronted up to Casey on


Newsletter – November 02 2021

Newsletter – November 02 2021


After what seemed like an eternity, Greater Melbourne crawled out of lockdown last week and we at Eastern got back to doing what we do best!

Newsletter – August 01 2021

Newsletter – August 01 2021

The torrential downpour was long gone when heat 2 of Tour de Metro got underway at National Boulevard….


Newsletter – July 28 2021

Newsletter – July 28 2021

Another lockdown and another hiatus from racing and a lot of other things…


Newsletter – July 10 2021

Newsletter – July 10 2021

The first round of the Tour de Metro kicked off at Yarra Glen and was hotly contested by 113 riders…


Newsletter – July 03 2021

Newsletter – July 03 2021

Pretty bleak conditions greeted the few hardy riders that ventured out to Casey last Saturday…


Newsletter – June 26 2021

Newsletter – June 26 2021

A reduced field of 28 riders headed north to Seymour for graded scratch races…


Newsletter – June 19 2021

Newsletter – June 19 2021

Members emerged from lockdown with unfinished business to attend to…


Newsletter – Lockdown June 16 2021

Newsletter – Lockdown June 16 2021

According to the latest easing of Greater Melbourne Covid19 restrictions
(announced Wednesday 16 June), ECC club racing will resume this
weekend at Gruyere…


Newsletter – Lockdown June 2021

Newsletter – Lockdown June 2021

The latest Covid outbreak has reaped its havoc in Victoria again and Club
racing is on the back-burner for a while…


Newsletter – 22 May 2021

Newsletter – 22 May 2021

Approximately 90 riders fronted up at Yarra Glen for the third race of the Toybricks Toughen Up Series and excellent conditions saw some spirited battles throughout the five grades…


Newsletter – 15 May 2021

Newsletter – 15 May 2021

The Tough glistened at Jindi on Saturday (while drenched) and the meek stayed home (editor included)…


Newsletter – 08 May 2021

Newsletter – 08 May 2021


The first race of the Toughen Up Series was hotly contested at Gruyere…

Newsletter – 01 May 2021

Newsletter – 01 May 2021

Wow! The inaugural Women’s GP was a massive morning of racing at Casey Fields…


Newsletter – 24 April 2021

Newsletter – 24 April 2021

Last weekend was highlighted by another rain affected Dunlop Road, and Northern’s Benghazi Handicap on Anzac Day…


Newsletter – 18 April 2021

Newsletter – 18 April 2021

The Eastern Club Criterium Championships were held at Bazalgette Crescent last Sunday…


Newsletter – 10 April 2021

Newsletter – 10 April 2021

Saturday’s racing at Dunlop Rd was testing due to inclement weather (again) and
proved to be another day for the strong….


Newsletter – 3 April 2021

Newsletter – 3 April 2021

A ridiculously windy Casey blew 43 riders all over the shop last Saturday…


Newsletter – 28 March 2021

Newsletter – 28 March 2021

Rocco Drive greeted 56 riders for Saturday’s GSR. Good, clean and fast racing was had by all…


Newsletter – 13 March 2021

Newsletter – 20 March 2021

An accurately forecast cold front had other plans for the Dunlop Road scratch races last Saturday….


Newsletter – 13 March 2021

Newsletter – 13 March 2021

An accurately forecast cold front had other plans for the Dunlop Road scratch races last Saturday….


Newsletter – 06 March 2021

Newsletter – 06 March 2021

Casey Fields was the venue for last Saturday’s graded scratch race. Blue skies and light but strengthening winds saw 52 riders battle it out for podium honours.


Newsletter – 28 February 2021

Newsletter – 28 February 2021

Rocco Drive greeted riders with perfect conditions. Seventy-five riders fought hard and fast for bragging rights…


Newsletter – 20 February 2021

Newsletter – 20 February 2021

We ventured out to Garfield for our first handicap in a long time and were blessed with calm, albeit muggy conditions….

Newsletter – 13 February 2021

Newsletter – 13 February 2021

Sadly another Covid lockdown forced the cancellation of Saturday and Wednesday races this week.

Newsletter – 6 February 2021

Newsletter – 06 February 2021

Casey greeted 45 starters last Saturday with its usual mistral and it didn’t take long before grades splintered. It was definitely a day for the brave and strong…

Newsletter – 31 January 2021

Newsletter – 31 January 2021

Bazalgette Crescent was the venue for Sunday morning’s graded scratch race. A large field of 63 riders started in near perfect conditions.


Newsletter – 23 January 2021

Newsletter – 23 January 2021

A glorious day greeted riders, spectators and helpers who fronted up to the Teardrop for graded scratch races.


Newsletter – 16 January 2021

Newsletter – 16 January 2021

Low numbers did not detract from spirited racing in all grades at last Saturday’s METEC GSR. Rain threatened and a lazy headwind up the finishing straight quickly saw splits with the strongest riding away to victory.

Newsletter – October 2020

COVID-19 shutdown issue 4

We’re still not racing, but there has been plenty going on to ensure the club is ready when the time comes. This issue contains new race day procedures and an outline of how they will work, as well as an update from President Adam on two big moves: to cashless racing, and from the AVCC to AusCycling.

Newsletter – 20 June 2020

COVID-19 shutdown issue 3

A return to racing is on the horizon, and this issue brings you up to date with the latest developments and what the club is doing to prepare. Plus Doug Page takes us on a jaunt up Mt Donna Buang by tandem.

Newsletter – 23 May 2020

COVID-19 shutdown issue 2

Read this issue for an update from the Pres. on returning to racing (not for a while yet) and other committee matters, plus some good reading from the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek and the Fantasy Kew Boulevard.

Newsletter – 16 April 2020

COVID-19 shutdown issue 1

There has been no club racing for the last month because of the coronavirus, but there’s a message from the Club President and a round-up of January’s AVCC National Championships in Adelaide, with race reports and some great photos.


Newsletter – 21 March 2020

Casey Fields, 14 March 2020 – GSR

The wind blew hard at Casey Fields last Saturday. Nothing new there, but the ill wind of COVID-19 is afoot in our community, and as well as results and race reports from Casey this week’s newsletter has a summary of the club’s response to the virus and a message from the President.

Newsletter – 14 March 2020

Casey Fields, 7 March 2020 – GSR

There are results from all the week’s club races in this issue, plus big news about the ECC/VCV Open Handicap at Seymour, smaller news about a new prize for Wednesday racers, and a last chance to sponsor the teams riding in the Below the Belt Pedalthon.

Newsletter – 7 March 2020

Garfield, 29 February 2020 – handicap

By the bell, the handicap at Garfield was practically all together. Read what happened in results and race reports in this week’s newsletter. Also there are results from Metec and the Loop and plenty of other important news.

Newsletter – 29 February 2020

Metec, 22 February 2020 – GSR

We got to race at Metec on Saturday for the annual Charity Day, and there are results and a race report in this week’s newsletter. There’s a heap of other news about one thing or another, too, including an important change to the racing program.

Newsletter – 22 February 2020

Dunlop Road, 15 February 2020 – GSR (cancelled)

All club races were washed out this week, but we have race reports and photos from the Port Campbell to Warrnambool Handicap and race 1 of the Conni Classic women’s handicap series at Learmonth, which were not. Last week’s charity day will now take place at METEC this Saturday.

Newsletter – 8 February 2020

Casey Fields, 1 February 2020 – GSR (cancelled)

Racing at Casey was cancelled because of bad weather, but Tuesday and Wednesday results are in this week’s newsletter along with a heads-up about the annual charity day at Dunlop Road, coming up on Saturday 15 February.

Newsletter – 1 February 2020

Loop, Yarra Boulevard, 25 January 2020 – GSR

See this week’s newsletter for results from Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday racing, information about races coming up, a reminder to renew your membership and more.

Newsletter – 25 January 2020

Casey Fields, 18 January 2020 – GSR

We’re back, and so is the newsletter, with news this week about a milestone for long-time member Rod Goodes, reports from Casey Fields, news from the AVCC Nationals in Adelaide and more.

Newsletter – 21 December 2019

Rocco Drive, 15 December 2019 – GSR

Racing at Rocco Drive this week decided the Saturday Aggregate for 2019 by the smallest margin. Get results from all the week’s racing, including the final Aggregate result, plus important messages from Club President Adam and others.

Newsletter – 14 December 2019

Casey Fields, 7 December 2019 – GSR

Catch up on the week’s racing and the super close finish to the Saturday Aggregate for 2019. Plus a thank you for some worker bees and more specials from super sponsor Croydon Cycleworks.

Newsletter – 7 December 2019

METEC, 30 November 2019 – Club Captain’s Race Day

It’s a return to form for the newsletter this week, a bumper issue with results, reports and photos from METEC (Saturday and Tuesday), the Loop, the Women’s Conni Classic at Paraparap and the Tour of Bright, plus news of a house call Adam and Max made during the week.

Newsletter – 30 November 2019

National Boulevard, 24 November 2019 – Dave Ryan Memorial

The Dave Ryan Memorial Trophy went back to Northern after last Sunday’s racing at National Boulevard. See results from all grades as well as from Tuesday night’s Croydon Cycleworks Summer Crit Series and Wednesday racing at the Loop, Yarra Boulevard. There’s also plenty of information about upcoming events, including this Saturday’s Club Captain Race Day at METEC and the Below the Belt Pedalthon 2020.


Newsletter – 23 November 2019

Dunlop Road, 16 November 2019 – GSR

This week’s issue has results from all the week’s racing and photos from Dunlop Road, a call to arms for next Sunday’s Dave Ryan Memorial races and lots of news from Croydon Cycleworks.

Newsletter – 16 November 2019

Dandenong South, 10 November 2019 – GSR

Bazalgette Drive, South Dandenong: fast, flat, empty and immaculately surfaced. Read all about it in this week’s issue, along with the usual news about upcoming events.

Newsletter – 9 November 2019

Casey Fields, 2 November 2019 – GSR (cancelled)

Saturday racing fell foul of the weather again, and Tuesday night summer crits at METEC had a holiday, so Wednesday at the Loop yielded the only results you’ll find in this week’s issue, but there’s enough other news to make it worth your while, including Croydon Cycleworks’ November service deal for Eastern members. Go on – click!

Newsletter – 2 November 2019

Gruyere, 26 October 2019 – GSR, including Raclemania 19 (cancelled)

Saturday racing was called off because of the forecast bad weather, but there’s plenty to report on even so, with racing on Tuesday and Wednesday, and last Saturday’s Annual Awards Night. Guest speaker and awards presenter David McKenzie appears with a who’s who of the club, including new Life Member Ken Woollard and Club Member of the Year Nick Hainal.

Newsletter – 26 October 2019

Thornton, 19 October 2019 – Team Time Trial

The action continued at Thornton on Saturday in excellent conditions. Read all about the Team Time Trial, plus results from Tuesday night at METEC and Wednesday at the Loop.

Newsletter – 19 October 2019

Yarra Glen, 12 October 2019 – Club Road Championships

Great racing in perfect conditions. Read all about it in this week’s newsletter. Plus the first results from a new season of the Croydon Cycleworks Summer Twilight Crit series, details of Sunday’s ‘Captain’s ride’ and more.

Newsletter – 12 October 2019

Casey Fields, 5 October 2019 – GSR

Big October continues. This week there are results from Casey Fields and the Loop (but not from METEC on Tuesday, which was cancelled because of bad weather) and reminders about this month’s other events: the Club Road Championships, the Team Time Trial, Raclemania and the Annual Awards Night, to name a few.

Newsletter – 5 October 2019

METEC, 28 September 2019 – GSR

This week there are results and reports from Grand Final day’s racing at METEC as well as reminders about everything that is happening in the busy month of October.

Newsletter – 28 September 2019

Seymour, 21 September 2019 – Handicap

Congratulations to all who completed last week’s handicap at Seymour. The race referee gets to write the report this week and reminds us that running club races is not a walk in the park.

Newsletter – 21 September 2019

Gruyere, 14 September 2019 – Toy Bricks Toughen Up series, final race

The stars aligned at last at Gruyere and the final round of the Toughen Up series gave us a worthy winner. Read this week’s newsletter for race reports, including a poem, two songs that have seen better days and, thankfully, a couple of proper reports as well.

Newsletter – 14 September 2019

Casey Fields, 7 September 2019 – GSR

Get results from Casey Fields and the Loop, get ready for the final round of the Toy Bricks Toughen Up series at Gruyere, and read who did what at last Sunday’s VCV Time Trial Championships.

Newsletter – 7 September 2019

Yarra Glen, 31 August 2019 – Tour de Metro race 4

There are two week’s worth of reports this week, from the final round of the Tour de Metro, which was completed on a cracking afternoon at Yarra Glen, and from Rocco Drive the week before.

Newsletter – 24 August 2019

Thornton, 17 August 2019 – Rob Graham Individual Time Trial and Club ITT Championships

Get news and results from the Time Trial at Thornton, and a date for the rescheduled Tour de Metro decider.

Newsletter – 17 August 2019

Yarra Glen, 10 August 2019 – Tour de Metro race 4 (cancelled)

It’s a slim-line newsletter this week after last Saturday’s cancellation, but there is information about this Saturday’s Rob Graham Individual Time Trial, incorporating the Club ITT Championships, the return of monthly club rides this Sunday and the Annual Awards Night in October, among other things.

Newsletter – 10 August 2019

Gruyere, 3 August 2019 – Tour de Metro race 3

The Tour de Metro has just one more week to run. This newsletter has results and reports from a successful round 3 at Gruyere, including our first ever race report in the form of a haiku. There’s also plenty of other news and information about forthcoming events.


Newsletter – 3 August 2019

National Boulevard, 28 July 2019 – Tour de Metro race 2

The good news concerning the Tour de Metro is that there are two more weeks to go. Read this week’s newsletter for the news from race 2 in the series, which is not so good. There’s also another reminder about the service deal at CCW that runs for the duration of the series, and details of the annual Awards Night, plus a chance to acquire your own email address.

Newsletter – 27 July 2019

National Boulevard, 21 July 2019 – Tour de Metro race 1

This week’s newsletter will bring you up to speed with the Tour de Metro, which began last Sunday and continues for the next three weekends. There’s a reminder about the service deal at CCW that runs for the duration of the series, and a date for the annual Awards Night.

Newsletter – 20 July 2019

Yarra Glen, 13 July 2019 – Toy Bricks Toughen Up series, final race (cancelled)

Bad weather struck again and racing at Yarra Glen was cancelled, but the newsletter rides on. Enjoy some eye candy from Doug Page’s travels with his bike in France, word up on this Sunday’s first round of the Tour de Metro, and get the inside running on a great deal from Croydon Cycleworks. There’s also a date for the rescheduled TBTU decider.

Newsletter – 13 July 2019

Casey Fields, 6 July 2019 – elimination race, GSR

Read this week’s newsletter for results and reports from the week’s racing, information about the final round of the Toy Bricks Toughen Up Series and the start of the Tour de Metro – both just around the corner – and breaking news about the club’s new kit. Has it arrived …?

Saturday 24th November 2018- Yarra Glen GSR

2.00pm Start (entries on the day close at 1:45pm @ Registration desk)

Rear tail lights are mandatory. Melways 266 J11

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