ECC Members’ Responsibility

Each year the club holds around 48 races.  In order to run these races the club needs its members to contribute and do four (4) turns of duty each year.   Ideally, one (1) duty per quarter.  Some roles require qualifications (Referee & Traffic Control) and as such qualified members may be called upon more than previously specified.

Roster Sign-Up Instructions

You can now nominate the weekend that you prefer to perform a roster duty.  Click on one or more event links in the Duty Roster Schedule table below (row 2) to volunteer for duty at an event.  Note: only qualified personnel can volunteer as Referee, Traffic Controllers or First Aiders.  If you make an error, please notify the roster coordinator to make the required corrections.

Duty Points (weekend only)

First fourAfter four
Traffic Controller34
First Aid (Vol.)34

Duty Roster Schedule

Have I done enough Duty?

Duty Roster Swap

In the interest of fairness all rostered members are expected to do their rostered turn of duty, any member who fails to do their rostered turn will not be eligible to race an ECC race until such time as they have completed a turn of duty.  If you know you will not be able to meet your obligation it is up to you to organise somebody to do your duty in your stead and to inform the roster coordinator of the change. In organising an alternative you can swap with another club member or you can have a mature, responsible friend or family member, provided they are an AusCycling member, may fill in for you.

Race Cancellation Duty Impact

The following documents the policy for ECC roster duty in the event a race is cancelled due to any reason (i.e. weather, restrictions, lockdown, etc.):

a. If a race is cancelled by the race committee, Referee or by government restrictions 24 hours or less prior to the scheduled race time, it will be considered that the people on roster duty have completed their duty requirement.

b. If a race is cancelled by the race committee, Referee or by government restrictions more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled race time, it will be considered that the people on roster have not completed their duty requirement.  In this case the roster coordinator shall roster these people to the next event that has duty openings or to the top of the list for the next roster schedule.

Duty Roles

Duties will include the roles of; Race Controller/Race Referee, Traffic Marshal, Corner Marshal, Lead/Follow car driver, Finish Line Judge. The duties themselves will include setting up signage for the course, sweeping the course of debris, judging the finish, packing up of the course, and those duties that fall under the role assigned. Full details of the roles and responsibilities of race day officials are available in the Race Controller’s Kit which is in the trailer.

Arrival Time

For all venues, except Casey Fields and Metec, rostered members (or their proxy) must be at the venue at least one (1) or 1.5 hour before the advertised race start time and are to report to the FACILITATOR for assignment of duty.  At Casey Fields and Metec rostered individuals do not need to be in attendance until around a half hour (30 minutes) before the race start time.

Race Referee (Ref)

Is in charge of the day’s proceedings.  Their job includes ensuring the course is set up correctly and that all traffic management requirements are in place, give the pre-race rider briefing, start the races, monitor and keep track of the races.  The race referee has the authority to cancel races if conditions make it unsafe to continue. The race referee will administer any disciplinary actions or resolve any dispute as may be required.

Traffic Controller (TC)

Traffic controllers are qualified individuals, their responsibility is to stop traffic to make it safe for competitors.  Traffic controllers will be deployed where there is a potential conflict with vehicular traffic. Traffic controllers will be assigned another official (corner marshal) who will assist by informing them of approaching cyclists.

Marshal – Corner (Msl)

The corner marshals are responsible for the safety of riders where there may be an obstruction to the riders’ line of sight or where instruction may be needed (eg. a corner). Corner marshals are provided with a red flag that they are to use solely for the purpose of stopping the race in the event that there is an incident that necessitates it – obstruction on the road ahead.

Marshal – Lead & Follow Car Drivers (Msl)

Road races require lead and follow car drivers to warn other road users of the presence of racing cyclists on the road. The lead car driver will start ahead of the first bunch (a-grade in a GSR, limit in a handicap) and will stay ahead of the race for the duration of the race. The lead car driver is not to interfere with the race in any way and should stay at least 50m ahead of the race. The follow car driver should stay behind the last rider on the road, the follow car driver should not pass any rider that has a number on their back.

Marshal – Finish Line Judge(s) (Msl)

Officials will be allocated to the finish line to assist in the judging of the finish.

Trailer Organiser (Trl)

Will pick and return the Club trailer to Metec, for the race.  Advantage is that you can also race on the day!

Add on Member – Duty Roster

Add on Members duty should be performed at your primary club however, we welcome your support if you would like to help at an ECC race.  For Add on Members who race regularly with ECC the expectation is that these members do their fair share of duty roster (1 – 2 times a year).


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