In order to run races the club needs individuals to help out on the day by filling official or semi-official roles. To meet this need members are rostered on to do a turn of duty, with around 220 members and around 50 Saturday races a year that require an average of six officials, it means each member should expect to do two turns of duty each year.  Some roles require qualifications (referee & traffic control) and as such qualified members may be called upon more than previously specified.

In the interest of fairness all rostered members are expected to do their rostered turn of duty, any member who fails to do their rostered turn will not be eligible to race an ECC race until such time as they have completed a turn of duty.  If you know you will not be able to meet your obligation it is up to you to organise somebody to do your duty in your stead and to inform the roster manager of the change. In organising an alternative you can swap with another club member or you can have a mature, responsible friend or family member fill in for you. One avenue to seek a replacement is the Roster Swap page.

For all venues, except Casey Fields, rostered members (or their proxy) must be at the venue at least one hour before the advertised race start time and are to report to the roster manager or Race Controller for assignment of duty.  At Casey Fields rostered individuals do not need to be in attendance until around a half hour before the race start time.

Duties will include the roles of; Race Controller/Race Referee, Traffic Marshal, Corner Marshal, Lead/Follow car driver, Finish Line Judge. The duties themselves will include setting up signage for the course, sweeping the course of debris, judging the finish, packing up of the course, and those duties that fall under the role assigned (see below for more detail).

Unable to meet your rostered duty? Use our Roster Swap page.

DateVenueRefereeTraffic ControllersMarshals
Feb 20Garfield
- Club H'Cap
Mark EdwardsKen Saxton
Ian Smith
Dean Tune
Clem Fries
Alex Randall
Colin Doherty
Paul James
John Cochrane
Dan Ives
Chris Norbury
Rob Castellani
Feb 28
Rocco DvRichard DobsonMax Michelson
Rob Lackey
Greg Harvey
Kym Petersen
Rob Amos
Daniel Bolton
Peter Brann
Mar 06Casey FieldsJohn ThomsonNick Panou
Max Kornhoffer
Mar 13Dunlop RdTony CurulliRay Russo
Craig Stannard
Kevin King
Rob Birch
Harry Hibgame
Mark Armour
Grant Farr
Anthony Guillace
Andre Weber
Anthony Cox
Neville Williamson
Pete Ransome
Ian McGeogh
Mar 20Seymour
- Club H'cap
Nick TappAndrew BuchananSteve White
Tony Dalton
Phil Cavaleri
Craig Oliver
Bernie Evans
Nathan White
Sam Bruzzese
Mar 28
Rocco DvMark EdwardsRay Watts
Walter Savini
Pamela Vandersluys
Dave Brown
Adam Hinds
Grant Greenalgh
Justin Deeley
Andrew Wedderburn
Apr 03MetecJohn WilliamsJason McCoy
Tim Crowe
Apr 10Casey FieldsTony CurulliJ P LeClerq
Tim Maffey
Apr 18
Bazalgette Dv
Dandenong Sth
John ThomsonGraham CaddDave Moreland
Chris Ellenby
Mark Sontag
Ivana Cicchelli
Ron Gillies
Apr 24Dunlop RdRichard DobsonNick Hainal
Dave McCormack
Juanita Stumbles
Matt Clarke
Veronica Vandenbroeck
Dave Griffin
Alan Adams
Tony Renehan
Glenn Hewnham
Dale Walton
Ken Bone
Michael Lillycrapp
Justin Van Tol


Race Day Officials

Full details of the roles and responsibilities of race day officials are available in the Race Controller’s Kit which is in the trailer.

Race Controller / Race Referee

Is in charge of the day’s proceedings.  Their job includes ensuring the course is set up correctly and that all traffic management requirements are in place, give the pre-race rider briefing, start the races, monitor and keep track of the races.  The race referee has the authority to cancel races if conditions make it unsafe to continue. The race referee will administer any disciplinary actions or resolve any dispute as may be required.

Traffic Controller

Traffic controllers are qualified individuals, their responsibility is to stop traffic to make it safe for competitors.  Traffic controllers will be deployed where there is a potential conflict with vehicular traffic. Traffic controllers will be assigned another official (corner marshal) who will assist by informing them of approaching cyclists.

Corner Marshals

The corner marshals are responsible for the safety of riders where there may be an obstruction to the riders’ line of sight or where instruction may be needed (eg. a corner). Corner marshals are provided with a red flag that they are to use solely for the purpose of stopping the race in the event that there is an incident that necessitates it – obstruction on the road ahead.

Lead & Follow car Drivers

Road races require lead and follow car drivers to warn other road users of the presence of racing cyclists on the road. The lead car driver will start ahead of the first bunch (a-grade in a GSR, limit in a handicap) and will stay ahead of the race for the duration of the race. The lead car driver is not to interfere with the race in any way and should stay at least 50m ahead of the race. The follow car driver should stay behind the last rider on the road, the follow car driver should not pass any rider that has a number on their back.

Finish Line Judge(s)

Spare officials will be allocated to the finish line to assist in the judging of the finish.

Bunch Captains

Bunch captains may be appointed by the race controller (usually for road races), the bunch captain will be an experienced rider and has the role of monitoring the behaviour of riders in their bunch. The bunch captain will report any rule violations to the race referee.

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