ECC operates a handicapping system based on records of previous results to determine which grade a rider will race. The intention of handicapping is to allow all riders the opportunity to compete in a race which suits their experience, ability and normal fitness level, while maintaining the safety of all competitors.

Consistently placing (1st to 4th) will result in the Handicapper requesting the rider that they should try a higher grade. Conversely, where a rider is being dropped regularly, the Handicapper may suggest to a rider that they may be better racing in a lower grade.

In the event a rider hasn’t been to any races for a few weeks or months (holidays, work, sick, injury, etc), they may either race in the grade they last raced or one grade lower subject to the Handicappers approval.

A rider who believes they are no longer competitive in their current grade, and wish to be considered for promotion/demotion, can discuss their concerns with the Handicapper, outlining their case a couple of days ahead of the next race, not on race day.

In general, riders are not permitted to temporarily drop a grade because of brief interruptions to training levels, colds, because ‘my coach said I should have an easy week’ etc. Grade changes are based on results at ECC events. While consideration may be given to places at other club’s events, it is your ability to handle the racing at ECC that is of primary importance.


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