Event: Newsletter June 14th 2014

Casey Fields – 7th June 2014

If there was an award for ride of the day, well, it could have gone to a few.  A prize for optimism would have gone to the fifty-six who turned up, sat through the downpour then took to the damp track to compete in less than the best of conditions.  As to the ride of the day, well, Steve Ross in a-grade rode above himself to push Tom Leaper all the way to the line.  In c-grade Frank Tomsic put b-grade to shame by breaking away from his bunch early, passing the b-grade bunch then staying ahead of them for the next half-hour before a puncture saw him take a lap out, returning to the race with the bunch (instead the 200m lead he was entitled to) and then still have enough to win the then inevitable bunch sprint.

I have no idea what was going through the b-grade minds, but they were consistently under threat of being swamped by the remainder of the c-grade group, the officials on the line forced to send them (b-grade) round the cut-through at the finish line to separate them.  All to little avail as on the next lap there was a fall that stopped half the bunch and had the other half call it all off.


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