Event: Eastern Grand Prix – CANCELLED

3 races in 1 day for women in a new fun format.  Enter here.


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  1. What are these 3 races?

First up The Hot Lap – one lap of the 2.2km circuit (fastest wins!)

Then the signature event The Croydon Cycleworks Criterium – graded scratch races on the 2.2km track, 40-60mins depending on grade (winners in every grade!)

Finishing with the Snooze Elimination – short fast laps of a 700m circuit, sleepiest (slowest) riders eliminated every lap (winners in every grade!)

(see ‘race format’ below for more details)


  1. Who should enter the Eastern Grand Prix?

Women 30 years or older who are keen to have a go at racing, to challenge themselves in a fun safe environment. Some bunch road riding experience is required but you don’t have to have raced before. Then again if you already race, come and try something a little different and support the growth of women’s cycle racing!


  1. What will it cost?

Only $25 all-inclusive for 3 races. Great value!

Refreshments will be available at no/minimal additional cost.


  1. What grades will there be? Anyhow, will I know which grade I should be in?

We offer grades A to D. D grade is intended for riders with little to no race experience or returning to build up fitness and time in the saddle. Ride marshals will be on the track accompanying D grade to provide advice (and maybe a judicious push!).

You will be asked to nominate a grade when entering. At the discretion of the organisers, some may be moved from their nominated or usual grade to even up numbers and abilities.


  1. What is Casey Fields?

Casey Fields is a purpose-built fully closed cycling facility, offering riders a 2.2 km circuit. It has smooth wide corners, (no sharp ones!) and can accommodate many riders on the course at the same time.


  1. Where is Casey Fields located?

Casey Fields is in Cranbourne East approximately 45 kilometres from Melbourne, about 1hr from the CBD.  It’s easily accessible via Berwick-Cranbourne Road in Cranbourne East and is hard to miss with its sporting ovals, playground and wide-open spaces. Once you’ve entered the area follow the signs to the ‘Criterium Track’ near the back. Google Map.


  1. Does the circuit have any hills?

Casey Fields is designed for criterium racing, so it’s pretty much dead flat with an elevation gain of only 10 metres each 2.26-kilometre lap. It can be a bit windy though.


  1. What sort of bike do I need?

A standard AVCC/UCI-compliant road bike. Disc brakes allowed.

No special aero equipment allowed for the hot lap. No lights required. No need to carry spares.


  1. How do I register for the event?

Race entries will be through entryboss.cc under ‘Eastern Cycling Club’ or directly via this link https://entryboss.cc/races/4484.  ENTRIES NOW OPEN.

There will be no on the day entries.


  1. What information do I need to provide when registering?

You will need to provide some demographic information to set up your entryboss account. (It’s really easy and will stay on file for future events). You need to provide your race licence number.

You will be asked to self-nominate a grade and provide some helpful comments, e.g. other riders you are at a similar level too, results in other events. If you have raced before you should nominate the same grade. Be honest, and do your best, it makes it fairer and more fun if everyone in the grade is about the same level.


  1. When does registration close?

Wednesday 1st April.


  1. What if I enter and then can’t make it?

You will be able to ‘scratch’, which includes full refund, up to the close of entries (1st April).


  1. What licence do I need to have? And how much does it cost?

The Eastern Grand Prix is hosted by Eastern Cycling Club, which is affiliated with Veteran Cycling Victoria (VCV) and governed by the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC).

To participate you need either:

  • or a Trial Rider form https://tinyurl.com/trial-ride-form (download from VCV website, fill in, bring or complete it on the day).  There is no cost for trial riders but trial riders are not eligible for prize-money.

Sorry but Cycling Australia-affiliated licences (‘Open’ licences) are not accepted and you will have to get one of the licences above.


  1. What if I don’t want to do all the races? Can I register for just one race?

This is a 3-race program. It is intended you have a go at all of them. It is important that you do the Hot Lap so we can grade you properly, which makes it fair for the other events. The Criterium is the main event and you wouldn’t want to miss this. The Elimination is just a short fun event to finish. Your registration covers all three races regardless of how many you choose to do.


  1. Can men participate?

Sorry, this is a women-only event. But we would love your support on the day. (see ‘volunteers’ below)


  1. What facilities does Casey Fields have?

There are two unisex toilets, available freshwater, a club room and plenty of parking spaces. There are no showers.


  1. Where do I go when I arrive?

Make your way to the clubrooms, get your name ticked off, and grab your number and helmet cover. The different colour helmet covers help distinguish the grades. There will be help available for pinning on numbers and to answer any questions.


  1. Who is running this show?

A dedicated team of members from Eastern Cycling Club are organising this novel event. On the day the Race Director keeps the show running smoothly. The Race Referee ensures the race is conducted by the rules and is responsible for safety. Other volunteers help with the conduct of the races, including time-keepers. A ride marshal will accompany D Grade during Race 2, the Croydon Cycleworks Criterium. A team of people also help with registrations, catering, equipment, among other things. (See below for how you can help)


  1. Tell me more about the race formats?

Race 1 – Hot Lap: consists of one fast lap of the 2.2km circuit. Riders will be set off at 30-second intervals from a standing start, go as fast as you can to the line. Prizes for fastest times. The times from this race will assist validate gradings for the other races. No special TT equipment allowed (tri-bars, skinsuit, aero helmet etc).


Race 2 – Croydon Cycle works Criterium: is a graded scratch race and the signature event of the day. Grades A & B will ride for 60 minutes, C Grade 45 minutes and D Grade 40 minutes. Times are approximate, to allow for grades to not interfere with each other and get a clear run at the finish. The bell indicates one lap to go. Prizes will be awarded for first 3 places over the line in each grade. All grades will be on the circuit at the same time, but each race separately. There is plenty of room for passing.


Race 3 – Snooze Elimination finale:  A short duration fast race utilising the 700m “hot-dog” circuit in front of the clubrooms. After a couple of neutral laps to get familiar with the course, it’s game on. Each lap the slowest 1 or 2 riders are eliminated until 3 riders remain. They fight for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in the final lap. The whole race is over in 10 minutes (shorter if you snooze!).  Each grade will race separately and consecutively.


  1. What is a graded scratch race?

Participants ride together in grades of similar ability. Within each grade, they all start together, ride the same length of time or distance and compete for places. Although several grades can be on the same track at the same time they compete separately. Higher grades will inevitably pass lower grades and when this happens there must be no interference or gaining of an advantage. Faster riders must pass on the right, giving plenty of room and only moving back to the left when well past the slower riders. They should also call out (‘riders passing’) when about to pass. Slower riders should stay where they are on the left, at whatever speed they like. They must not join a faster bunch (that’s considered cheating).


  1. What time does each race start and finish?

  • Race 1 – Hot Lap: 10am (each rider races for <1 minute)
  • Race 2 – Croydon Cycle Works Criterium: 11 am (duration 40-60 minutes depending on grade)
  • Race 3 – Snooze Elimination Finale: 12.30pm (3-10 minutes each grade)

Expected finish time is 1.30 pm.

Prizes will be awarded at the end.


  1. What do I do if I get ‘dropped’ in the criterium, will I be able to finish?

No problem, you won’t be pulled from the race if you don’t want to. Try to get back on to the group, work together with others if possible. If you are dropped, it’s likely others will too. Plenty of people get dropped, work to get back on and finish strongly. That’s the beauty of racing. If you don’t finish one race you can still do the other events. Check out these sites for  more information about criterium racing  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criterium  https://cyclingtips.com/2016/11/the-golden-rules-of-crit-racing/


  1. Will there be catering on the day? Will I need to eat during the race?

Food and drinks will be available on the day for riders and spectators. We are planning on a mixture of BBQ and salad wraps, plus soft drinks. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate multiple dietary or allergy requirements therefore please ensure you make your own provisions if this applies to you.

You won’t need to eat during the race (the longest is 60 minutes), but you will probably need to refuel between race 2 and 3.


  1. What prizes are on offer?

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Croydon Cycleworks, Snooze Nunawading and Eastern Cycling Club, there will HEAPS of cash prizes and fabulous goodies to reward your efforts. Place-getters (usually 1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each grade and each race will be recognised. Trial riders (see ‘licences’) will not be eligible for prize money, they will in the running for other prizes eg for outstanding efforts by newcomers and random prize draws. And a special prize of Grand Champion for the rider with the best-accumulated results over the day.


  1. Is there anything else to do afterwards?

Eastern Cycling will be running their usual normal graded scratch races commencing at 2 pm. If you have the appropriate licence and plenty of steam left in the tank, you can enter to race. You can decide on the day; registrations close at 1.45 pm. Feel free to hang around, check out the racing action while enjoying the catering and chewing the fat with your fellow riders and regulars.


  1. Are dogs allowed at Casey Fields Cycling Track?

Right next door is Casey Fields VFL Pavilion which has a strict no dog policy however this does not extend to the Cycling Track. If you or your friends do decide to bring a dog, it must always be on a leash and under constant supervision.


  1. I/my partner/friend can’t race. How else can we help out?

We would love help with some roles on the day and in the lead-up. Please contact our Secretary: Susan Williams on mailto:secretary@easterncycling.com


  1. Where do I go for more information?

Please contact our Secretary: Susan Williams on mailto:secretary@easterncycling.com

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