Event: Newsletter 27th December 2014

Casey Fields – Christmas Handicap, 20th December 2014

The Christmas handicap is attractive for several reasons, not the least is the sausage sizzle after racing put on by Ron Stranks. Thanks to Ron and Rob Suter.

But before-hand we had the traditional scratch race to determine the entrants for the handicap. As usual the first 5 went through to the handicap and 5th place was the one most riders like to get – you get through to the final with the minimum of energy usage.

The handicap was well ridden by the lower grades. A grade tried hard to get over a big gap not helped by the lack of wind and mild conditions. B and C had their work cut out for as well but they too couldn’t make up the required ground. D grade broke up early in the first of the 3 laps but the 3 remaining riders rolled efficient turns to pass F grade and then E grade on the last turn. Peter Gray from E grade showed his strong sprinting pedigree to hang on and finish over the big Dean Niclasen and Michael Muscat to be crowned the winner.

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