Event: Newsletter 16th November 2013

Yarra Glen 9th  November 2013

Another small turnout; only 50 spread across five grades, c-grade making up nearly half that number with twenty, the uncertainty in the weather undoubtedly the reason.  Building works around the pony club had left dirt around the bottom end of the course and laying it thick on the double right from Yarraview into Glenview, A massive effort by Ross Tinkler and Dave McCormack cleared the worst so that we could race safely, so long as it stayed dry.  And stay dry it did, all grades enjoying good racing conditions and a tail wind up the hill.  The downside of the tailwind was a head wind to the finish and the downside of the day was a fall in the a-grade sprint, fortunately the rider involved walked away having kissed the bitumen and given it a bit of lip.


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