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2017 Awards Night, 22/7/2017

(Mark Edwards)

Graded Scratch Races – METEC, 8/4/2017

(Mark Edwards)

Christmas Handicap – METEC, 17/12/2016

img_5015-copy            img_5066-copy

Graded Scratch Races – Arthurs Creek, 19/11/2016


Graded Scratch Races – Yarra Glen, 30/6/2016

Yarra Glen 30/6/2016

Graded Scratch Races – Yarra Glen, 18/6/2016

Images from Saturday at Yarra Glen

Yarra Glen 18/6/2016

Graded Scratch Races – Dunlop Road, 2/4/2016

Video from Saturday at Dunlop Road courtesy of Patrick Gullace


Graded Scratch Races – Yarra Glen, 19/3/2016

Images from Saturday at Yarra Glen courtesy of Mark Edwards


Graded Scratch Races – Dunlop Rd, 13/12/2014

Images of a-grade Teams & c-grade courtesy of Dave Hyde


Graded Scratch Races – Casey Fields, 27/9/2014


Video Casey Fields scratch Races 6-9-2014



Graded scratch races Dunlop Rd 1-9-2012



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