Event: Toy Bricks Toughen-Up Series

This year’s Toughen Up series is once again sponsored by Dean Niclasen and Toy Bricks, Bayswater. A big thank you to Dean for his generous support. Don’t go anywhere but Toy Bricks for your Lego needs!

Series points from each of the four races are allocated depending on numbers, as follows:

Riders / Points
8 or more / 1st: 5 points, 2nd: 3 points, 3rd: 2 points, everyone else: 1 point
6–7 / 1st: 3 points, 2nd: 2 points, everyone else: 1 point
4–5 / 1st: 2 points, everyone else: 1 point
Less than 4 / Every competitor receives 1 point.

For people who do duty during the series, their final points score is simply scaled by a factor of 4/3 – in other words, their average points score for the other three races is credited to them for the race that they do duty.

Series prize money is $600 all up, over and above normal prize money paid out each week:
1st: $250, 2nd: $150, 3rd: $100, 4th: $60, 5th: $40.

Race 1 – Gruyere; 8th June 2019

Race 2 – Yarra Glen; 15th June 2019

Race 3 – Gruyere; 29th June 2019

Race 4 – Yarra Glen; 13th July 2019

All races start at 2.00pm.

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