Event: Newsletter 14th September 2013

Lake Learmonth, 7th September 2013

Seventy riders spread themselves across the five grades that were out to contest this friendly (non-official) interclub.  The Eureka club managed to scratch together four riders to bolster the a-grade teams race and had good representation in the other races.  Ballarat turned on the weather, well, it didn’t rain (much), the wind kept it at bay.  Yes there was a bit of a breeze but it made the flat course a strong-person’s course.  Local knowledge played a part in some races with attacks at the left-right dog-leg stretching the bunches and putting paid to some riders races.

The Eureka Veterans Cycling Club turned on the hospitality, I am assured the caramel slices were heavenly – almost ‘to die for’ but I can’t verify that as some people had more than their fair share and I missed out.  The profiteroles were also lauded but again somebody was tonkin’ them down and despite searching them out all I could find was an empty plate with a few chocolate coated crumbs.

The racing was great, the post-race activities friendly.  This will be an annual event and one worth marking in your calendar as a ‘to do’ race.

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