Results – Tuesday 2019/20

The 2019/20 Croydon Cycleworks Summer Series

See results archive page for previous year’s results.

METEC – Handicap 29th October 2019

1stLeon Bishop
2ndPeter Shanahan
3rdNeil Cartledge
4thJ.C. Wilson
5thGreg Harvey
6thMichael Muscat
7thMax Michelson
8thColin Mortley
9thKeith Wade
10thKym Petersen

METEC 22nd October 2019

A GradeChris HughsonGarron Buckland
Kevin King
B GradeMark Edwards
Grant GreenhalghAdam Hinds
C GradeKym Petersen
Darren Woolhouse
Brendan Wain
D GradeChris Norbury
Peter Brann
Peter Gray
E GradeLeon BishopPeter ShanahanNeil Cartledge

METEC 15th October 2019

A Grade (12)Richard AbelAndrew Mapstone
Jean-Philippe Leclercq
B Grade (7)Mark Sontag
Mark EdwardsAnthony Gullace
C Grade (17)Brendan Wain
Adam Dymond
Dale Walton
D Grade (11)Peter Gray
Peter Brann
Jason McCoy

METEC 8th October 2019

Cancelled due to wet weather

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