Event: Newsletter 5th October 2013

METEC, 28th September 2013.

Hawthorn v. the rest of the country, cold, wet, windy and wild weather not the best mix for racing.  Not the best for sweeping the circuit either but the wind did make for a dry track come race time.  It was a small collection that headed out into the wind with a small prayer to the gods for it to stay dry, the prayers were unanswered but it was only a light shower mid-race doing little to dampen the spirits of the few on the track and the fewer on the sidelines.

The conditions meant races would go one of two ways; conservative with no serious aggression, the bunch staying together for the duration or the conditions taking control and blow the races to pieces.  The majority of grades taking the conservative option, c-grade (the largest bunch) the exception (for once) producing the ride of the day, Steve Short getting into an early break that was short lived but then bridging to a second break that went before half race distance and helping drive it to the podium, John Thompson managing to stay with Steve and contribute to ensure that the chasers stayed that way.

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