Event: Newsletter 5th March 2016

Learmonth, 27th February 2016

The weather didn’t disappoint, cool and clear but the fans were still turning.  It was a small turnout that made the journey, but ask anyone of them and they’ll tell you it was worth the trip, the reports in this week’s newsletter attest to this.

From Louise’s point of view;

Whooo hoo – road trip, headed to Ballarat nice and early and arrived at Lake Learmonth.  Except there was no lake – just grass and bushes.  So, it was called a lake but there was no lake?!  OK, let’s go with this.  The Windmill circuit had been planned out for the day. Maybe there will be no wind?  There’s no lake and all – right?  Nup.  There was wind!

Follow the girl’s adventures and those of the others who’ve shared in this week’s newsletter.


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