Event: Newsletter 26th July 2014

Eildon 19th July 2014

Cold, damp, uninviting, and a two-hour drive.

Approaching Lilydale the Dandenongs were invisible in cloud, the horizon lost in shades of grey.  The road to Healesville was no better and the spur was traversed through wisps of mist and clods of snow on the roadside.  As the road straightened and the forest receded so did the  clouds and on the other side it was nigh on paradise.  With the snow traffic behind and open roads ahead the miles passed quickly and Eildon was quickly attained.  A coffee and pastry to banish the last of the Melbourne chill before heading to registration.

This was the story for 46 competitors and a dozen officials as the weather gods put on their finest for the club’s inaugural race at this venue, a circuit that met with nothing but praise from those who had made the effort to race.

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