Aggregate – Weekend 2023

The club runs an annual aggregate championship in conjunction with the Weekend race calendar, starting with the first race in January and ending the week before the Christmas handicap – winner announced at the handicap.  The aggregate championship determines an annual club champion based on performances across the year.  This championship is determined by a point based system where points are allocated in the following manner;

Graded Scratch Races

Where there are 8 or more riders in a race; 1st – 5 pts, 2nd – 3 pts, 3rd – 2 pts,  everyone else – 1 pt.
Where there are 6-7 riders; 1st – 3pts, 2nd – 2 pts, everyone else 1 pt.
Where there are 4-5 riders; 1st – 2 pts, everyone else 1 pt.
Where there are less than 4 riders every competitor receives 1 point.


1st – 15 pts, 2nd – 12 pts, 3rd – 10 pts, 4th – 8 pts, 5th – 7 pts, 6th – 6 pts, 7th – 5pts, 8th – 4 pts, 9th – 3pts, 10th – 2pts
everybody else – 1 pt.

Club Championships

No aggregate points are awarded for club championship races.
Participation in Club Championships requires participation in at least 3 club events (Weekend, Tuesday, Wednesday) in the season of the championship; Summer for Criterium, Winter for Road and the calendar year for the ITT. The ‘races’ column of the table below currently shows the number of Saturday events for the calendar year (ITT qualification)

Open and Inter Club races

No aggregate points are awarded for these races.

Results – Aggregate 2023

If you are unable to see the table below, View the full table on GoogleDocs

Notes: only members who have raced in 2023 are shown.


View 2022 Aggregate table here.



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