Are Helmets worth it?

Thank you to Elizabeth and Patricia for sharing this article with us as part of a safety program they are involved with at their youth center.  Great work, kids!” – is a helmet worth it.  Yes it is and the article is worth reading for your knowledge and for passing on

Newsletter, 22nd November 2014

Arthurs Creek, 15th November 2014

The weather was fine for the last road race for the year, in fact the last road race until the end of January. A great course, if not challenging for most riders. The climb on the way out followed by the undulations to the far cone sets the race up for a fast return to Greens Rd. The multiple laps just add another dimension to test the legs. The upbeat mood after the racing is testament to the enjoyment had by all, including those that struggled.

Newsletter, 15th November

Casey Fields, 8th November 2014

Eastern Cycling Club must enjoy inflicting discomfort on themselves. Sixty two riders went to Casey Fields for another day of high winds, as was the previous Saturday, but there was a difference this Saturday. Instead of the rain and cold it was around 35^ and to add a little more of a challenge to the dehydration and fatigue, a ‘Missing out’ race was thrown in for most grades along with the normal crit races, just to add a further dimension to the discomfort. Never the less, everybody appeared to enjoy the racing, although a few were a little worse for wear after the crit race.

Newsletter, 8th November 2014

Casey Fields, 1st November 2014

Casey was at it’s best, it was a brave person who ventured out into the tempest.  Gusting winds, heavy rain, sun, wind, did I mention the wind.  Despite the conditions a small but dedicated crew took to the track, huddling together for warmth and protection, those who found themselves separated soon found themselves well and truly on their own.  Full reports from some of those who’s brains didn’t freeze are in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter, 1st November 2014

Club Championships, Seymour, 25th October 2014

The age group race is interesting to observe. Riders are racing against some riders from their usual grades as well as riders from other grades, higher and or lower. At the registration area it has a different atmosphere to crit races. Some riders can be seen looking at each rider that turns up, trying to ascertain

 whether that rider will be in their age group and if so what are their particular strengths and weaknesses. Are they sprinters, climbers or perhaps time trailers? They also count how many in the bunch because for the first time for a man, size does count, the bunch that is.


Newsletter 25th October 2014

Yarra Glen, 18th October 2014

Brave Dave (Anderson) was at Yarra Glen with camera in hand, images available here;

The A-grade team’s race added to the big fields in nearly all the other grades and highlights just how popular this demanding circuit is for the riders. It was warm and with a stiff breeze up the rise, a breeze that is as predictable as Casey Fields. It was always going to test the legs and leave some to ride alone before race end. A circuit where the handicapper is inundated with requests to ride down a grade or 2.


Newsletter 18th October 2014

Arthurs Creek, 11th October 2014

Arthurs Creek was good to us. Neither cold nor windy. The magies were territorial so it paid to be in the bunch and not off the back. They don’t seem to attack when there are several riders together. Another good reason to be near the front. We had reasonably large grades with riders that like to make others suffer.

Newsletter 11th October 2014

Casey Fields, 4th October 2014

Windy Fields again! What a tough day. A day that tests the determination of all riders and a carbon copy of the previous week’s race, but more so. Fields spread around the track and beside it by days end and sore legs for all but the fittest. It makes next week hills attractive by comparison.


Newsletter 4th October 2014

Casey Fields 27th September 2014

After several visits to Casey with no or little wind, it was back to normal at “Windy Plains”. Bunches were broken and break-aways’ were the order of the day. A powerful attempt at about the half way mark set up a good win for Martin Stalder in C grade, Pat Ruys did similar in E grade and Ciaran Jones did, well what Ciaran does so well, in A grade. Both D and E grades were also broken up.

There are a few images from the day in the gallery.


Newsletter 27th September 2014

Eildon, 20th September 2014

This was just the second race at Eildon and already it is turning into a great venue. The weather was as the previous trip, near perfect. It’s hard to believe that it can be anything but. Kevin the first aider is regularly at Eildon and did mention it can be very cold. Perhaps we have been just lucky so far.  The racing was strong in most grades yet the atmosphere among the riders at the presentation was upbeat and of enjoyable racing. If you haven’t been to Eildon you are the one missing out on good safe racing on flat track. Put a note in your diary for next year and don’t miss out again.


Newsletter 20th September 2014

Lake Learmonth – 13th September 2014

Our yearly visit to the Eureka Cycling Club was a very enjoyable jaunt in the beautiful county-side around Lake Learmonth. The usual wind that powers those familiar wind turbines on the skyline was absent and the sun was shining on the toiling backs of some 70 riders from both clubs. The much smaller Eureka Club achieved 3 places in 4 contested grades. This shows their strength and local knowledge when faced with the ‘team’ tactics of the Eastern riders.

The after race refreshments were provided by the Eureka club and a great country BBQ along with home-made cakes that the ladies prepared were enjoyed by all. With the long distances to EVCC race venues now the norm, one wonders why we don’t go to Learmonth more often.


Newsletter 13th September 2014

Casey Fields – 6th September 2014

Casey Fields was breathless, well almost. Just a breeze, warm, sunny and just so different to what we have come to expect from the circuit.  The conditions making for some fast and hectic racing, b-grade only being caught by a-grade late in proceedings and c-grade managing to stay away from b for the duration and only being passed once, early, by a-grade  In a-grade it was a well deserved win to Rob Amos, showing persistence and determination can pay off.

A magpies view of Casey Field. Check out the You Tube clip of Eastern Cycling Club competing at Casey Field last week (2.22). This piece of video is by Patrick Gullace (son of Anthony) and was taken from his GoPro on a helidrone


Vale John Neil

The Eastern Cycling Club is saddened to hear that John Neil has succumbed to a serious head injury sustained while cycling in Europe.  John had been a member of Eastern Cycling Club  for only a couple of years but has thrown himself into both the sport and the club with enthusiasm and energy, rising from e-grade less than a year ago to podium placings in an increasingly stronger c-grade recently.  John also became active behind the scenes taking on the editorialship of the weekly club newsletter, providing fresh ideas and managing to solicit reports where previous editors have struggled.

John was also a member of the Malvern Harriers athletics club for around 20 years,  highlights of his time there included being part of the Malvern Harriers over 50 AV Championship teams of 2005 and 2006, and successfully drafting and validating an up to date constitution to take the club into the future.

After winning heath battles with heart and cancer in recent years, John was on top of the world, with a recently arrived new grandson, embarking on a fantastic European cycling tour, riding better than ever in his life, on a new bike which he told me last week “best purchase I’ve ever made”.

The club extends its sympathy to all affected by this tragedy

John’s daughter – Jessica, was keen for some images of John from his last days be made available so he can be remembered as doing what he loved.

JNeil.1       JNeil.2       JNeil.3




Newsletter 6th September 2014

Yarra Glen – 30th August 2014

It was back to business as usual this week at Yarra Glen after the novelty (for some of us) of last week’s ITT. It was great to have no need to consider wardrobe requirements for a race as the sun shone making the Yarra Valley an idyllic backdrop to the day’s event. It was perhaps a reminder that hydration will soon be an even more important consideration in getting race-ready (note to Bernie Evans – your bidon is not optional equipment).

Thanks go to Ken and Jim for their reportage below and to Dave McCormack for providing some snaps of the action on Saturday (see Members Corner).

30th August 2014

Rob Graham memorial ITT – Seymour, 23/8/2014

It was a good turn-out for one of the Club’s special days in memory of Rob Graham where we find out who can best match it with the infernally unrelenting clock. Neil Cartledge takes us through the mechanics of shaving off seconds and minutes to “beat the clock” while Jean-Philippe Leclercq contemplates the internal battle to synchronise mind and body to perform in a “world” where time determines the outcome.

Thanks go to Neil and Jean-Philippe for their reportage



Newsletter 23rd August 2014

Gruyere – 16th August 2014

Conditions at Gruyere were fairly benign if a little chilly but some dark clouds on the horizon boded ill for those of a pessimistic persuasion (pre-emptive pessimism proved unwarranted on this occasion). Race briefing included the possibility of negotiating a cattle drive or, at least, what the cattle leave in their wake – “Keep your mouths closed” was the sage health and safety advice proffered by the starter. Thanks for that Richard!


Newsletter 16th August 2014

Yarra Glen 9th August 2014

A mild mid-winter’s day saw a big field turn out to what is rapidly becoming our favourite road circuit.  Big fields across the higher grades, making for some tough racing where strong efforts by individuals were rewarded.

Newsletter 9th August 2014

Casey Fields 2nd August 2014

It usually does not take much to make me ponder whether to head down the Monash towards Cranbourne – a few dark clouds, a breath of wind – but I wanted a fast hit-out so off I went. As it happened, apart from some water on the track, conditions were as good as I can recall in the last couple of years of racing at Casey Fields.

Thanks go to Ross, Jim, Ken and Robin for their reportage below.

Newsletter 2nd August 2014

Arthurs Creek 26th July 2014

Arthurs Creek seems a quite popular venue despite the 180 degree turnarounds at each end, impatient drivers, mischievous bottle throwing kids, fractious horses and occasional controversy about the appropriate etiquette if you are at or near the front of the train at the final cone (ie what is a sufficient pause to allow the caboose to get around before going hell for leather towards Greens Road?).


Newsletter 26th July 2014

Eildon 19th July 2014

Cold, damp, uninviting, and a two-hour drive.

Approaching Lilydale the Dandenongs were invisible in cloud, the horizon lost in shades of grey.  The road to Healesville was no better and the spur was traversed through wisps of mist and clods of snow on the roadside.  As the road straightened and the forest receded so did the  clouds and on the other side it was nigh on paradise.  With the snow traffic behind and open roads ahead the miles passed quickly and Eildon was quickly attained.  A coffee and pastry to banish the last of the Melbourne chill before heading to registration.

This was the story for 46 competitors and a dozen officials as the weather gods put on their finest for the club’s inaugural race at this venue, a circuit that met with nothing but praise from those who had made the effort to race.

Newsletter 19th July 2014

Gruyere 12th July 2014

It seems like only two weeks ago we punished ourselves over these same roads, and like two weeks ago the weather did the unexpected and cool and dry conditions were enjoyed by those who started and finished with an added bonus of lighter winds.  But the forecasts, and the flat-trackers’ disdain for this course, kept the turn-out to 55 riders of which roughly 40 percent were A Graders drawn out by the teams event.


Newsletter 12th July 2014

Casey Fields – 5th July 2014

Well, it was wet, it was cold, it was windy, it was Casey.

With only two-dozen starters, the majority being a-graders, the powers that were decided the club couldn’t stage a viable series of races, nor could it ask the volunteers to stand in the cold for the duration so the decision was to let those who wanted to ride do so and the remainder could seek warmth in their vehicles or homes.

Despite this John Neil has cobbled together an edition of the newsletter for your enjoyment.

Newsletter 5th July 2014

Gruyere 28th June 2014

The turn-out was probably comparable to that which could be expected for a Sunday night home fixture for Melbourne at the G. No doubt some were storing up by saying I think I will skip racing today to spend some time with you/the kids. stayed home with only the hard men in C and D Grades fronting up in decent numbers, but I understand that some quickly regretted that call and retired well before the checkered flag.

Thanks to Nigel, Chris, Mal and Peter for reports on their Grades. In Members’ Corner Geoff O’Loghlen relates his experiences riding in Italy, Shane Dwyer reflects on what it means to be a cyclist and there is a report on Melburn Roobaix (with pics).


Newsletter 28th June 2014

Yarra Glen – 21st June 2014

Yarra Glen is a popular course as it is a challenging yet satisfying race for most riders. The hill up to ‘Sticks’ winery, the wind from wherever, the quick recovery downhill and then the long flat with a kick to the line all make for interesting racing. There were several mechanical’s; punctures for Dean  Niclasen and Phil Taylor as well as a fall for Wes Hurrey. Wes has developed so much power at the SoulRider Spin Studio that he pulled the cleat out of a peddle and it wasn’t even in the sprint!


Newsletter 21st June 2014

Royce Bennett memorial h’cap – 14th June 2014

A big field enjoyed fine weather and dry roads for the annual Royce Bennett handicap over almost 60 k’s. The handicapping was well done as scratch and other bunches finished together just behind Bernie Evans off limit in only his 3rd start with the club. Well done Bernie! As usual for this course, the little rise on the return leg sorted the men from the boys. It was the cause of most of the dropped rides getting dropped in just about all of the bunches. In only her third handicap race, Emma Anderson was the first female. The prize money is reported to go to purchasing

Newsletter June 14th 2014

Casey Fields – 7th June 2014

If there was an award for ride of the day, well, it could have gone to a few.  A prize for optimism would have gone to the fifty-six who turned up, sat through the downpour then took to the damp track to compete in less than the best of conditions.  As to the ride of the day, well, Steve Ross in a-grade rode above himself to push Tom Leaper all the way to the line.  In c-grade Frank Tomsic put b-grade to shame by breaking away from his bunch early, passing the b-grade bunch then staying ahead of them for the next half-hour before a puncture saw him take a lap out, returning to the race with the bunch (instead the 200m lead he was entitled to) and then still have enough to win the then inevitable bunch sprint.

I have no idea what was going through the b-grade minds, but they were consistently under threat of being swamped by the remainder of the c-grade group, the officials on the line forced to send them (b-grade) round the cut-through at the finish line to separate them.  All to little avail as on the next lap there was a fall that stopped half the bunch and had the other half call it all off.


Newsletter 7th June 2014

Arthurs Creek – 312st May 2014

Some 74 riders faced the starter for another sunny Saturday afternoon ride in the countryside.  Arthurs Creek’s charms did not inspire so many scribes (keyboarders?) this week but thanks go to James, Kiwi Graeme, Ken, Jim, Louise and Laurie for providing their perspectives on the day’s events.


Newsletter 31st May 2014

Yarra Junction – O’Mara 100 – 24th May 2014

Some 81 riders faced the starter for a sunny afternoon ride out through Powelltown over the hump to the designated turn-around and back (with A, B and C Grades warming up with an initial out and back to Powelltown before going over the top to bring up the metric century which gives the event its name).

It appears that it just takes a longish ride in the country to bring out the scribes in the peleton. After a finish line view from Keith Bowen there are reports covering all grades in greater or lesser detail.

Newsletter 24th May 2014

Yarra Glen – 17th May 2014

Some 83 riders saddled up for between 6 and 12 laps of the Yarra Glen circuit which has a leg to suit most types: a climb up Glenview Road for the sylphlike spinners (does anyone do the big ring tango from the bottom?); a downhill blast on King St which brings the big units to the fore (if only briefly); and some power play on Yarraview Road for those with the big engines. Neil Cartledge got the day off with a bang as he punctured a single on his warm up. Andrew Buchanan rode to his rescue with a replacement wheel as the s instructions.

We have Ken , Peter and Jim to thank for the race reports in this week’s newsletter.


Newsleter 17th May 2014

Athletic Soft Tissue h’cap, Seymour, 10th May

A wet wintry drive to Seymour saw a few questioning whether they would saddle up but in the end most collected their numbers and headed for the start. We have broad coverage of the race from those who prospered and those simply profited by the experience. Thanks to Neil, Ray, Louise, Mark, John, Rob and Shelly for their reports below.


Newsletter 10th May 2014

Casey Fields 3rd May 2014

Wind and some rain in the early laps greeted the riders who set out to take on Casey Fields and their mates on last Saturday. Jim Swainston showed a clean pair of heels to the field in the final sprint in D Grade and admitted to not being able to recall the last time he took top step on the podium. Nonetheless he was the only rider on the podiums who had also placed the previous week at Gruyere. Nigel Kimber unselfishly sacrificed himself so he could report on two grades! We also have 3 perspectives on C Grade. Thanks to Nigel, Peter, Paul, Neil and Jim for the reports.


Newsletter 2nd May 2014

Gruyere 26th April 2014

Relatively few hardy souls made the trip out to Gruyere more in hope than expectation. It became progressively darker and wetter on the trip out along the Eastern and Maroondah towards Lilydale. The weather, however, did not dampen the enthusiasm of the racers, with breakers “going early and going hard”. A couple of debutants in D Grade (David Chesney and Peter Emmett) posted notice of their serious intentions – David drawing the attention of the handicapper by gapping him on the final climb.

Newsletter 26th April 2014

METEC 19th April 2014

It was only a handful of hardy soles who made their way out to a rather damp METEC, half with little expectation of turning the pedals in anger, the other half were disappointed.  The conditions giving the officials little choice but to pull the pin in the interests of rider safety.

Newsletter 19th April 2014

Dunlop Road, 12th April 2014

It was another big day of racing at the popular Dunlop Road course, big fields, nigh on perfect conditions meant big finishes, it was a day for fast and close finishes, even David Holt and John Cain who had flown off the front of A Grade pretty soon after the neutral lap made did little to assist the judges with a tyre width separating them and the mass of the chase sprinting for the minor places.

Newsletter 12th April 2014

Casey Fields, Club Criterium Championships, 5th April 2014

It was a great day of racing in the various age groups. Fine and pleasant conditions and a big turn out for the Criterium season age championships with one of the best turn outs for some time. Maybe even a club record. This event usually deters some from entering because they feel they are competing against stronger riders from higher grades. This is true to a certain degree but when you look at the results most winners on Saturday are regularly shaking hands with Ron at graded races throughout the rest of the year.  And from the conversations at the post-race get together that everybody enjoyed their day’s racing.


Newsletter 29th March 2014

Dunlop Road, 22nd March 2014

The racing was fast and furious at Dunlop Rd. The cool temperature making it comfortable during the big efforts and the breeze slowing the race pace on the finish straight while McDonalds Lane was the place to try and get away. The characteristics left all grades with high average speeds and sore legs. As is usual the sprinters were the riders collecting the envelopes at the end of the day.

Newsletter 22nd march 2014

Yarra Glen, 15th March 2014:

There was a good turnout of almost 80 riders for the challenging Kermesse at Yarra Glen. This shows just how much the riders enjoy discomfort on a bike. A stiff breeze in the face bunches climbing the rise, aided the stronger riders to inflict pain and suffering on this undulating course.

Most grades lost individual riders or at least had split bunches, some from early in the race and continuing to the last lap. As is the norm, the dead road up the hill in front of the winery was the key factor in defining who finished in the money or for that matter, who finished at all. The drop down King Street with some wind assistance made sure that any rider off the back, would struggle to get back on.


Newsletter 15th March 2014

METEC 8th March 2014

Big turnout this week despite the Monday holiday and all the activity at Bright, some good racing across the grades – a-grade splitting early, the chase keeping the break honest and making them work for their kudos.  Check out the other stories in the newsletter.


Newsletter 8th March 2014

Casey Fields, 1st March 2014

One of the biggest turnouts for Casey Fields from the club’s perspective, over a hundred turned up to pit themselves against the Casey wind and each other.  In all grades the wind was a fierce opponent and ‘the other’s’ were pretty handy at dishing out the hurt as well.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 1st March 2014

Dunlop Road, 22nd February 2014

Big numbers for what is the club’s favourite, the weather held and there was some good racing, a full teams’ race made for some vigorous and strategic racing in a-grade.  B-grade were stretched out more than not, c-grade raced as c-grade races and it was a mass finish to a mass start.  A thin d-grade field used the whole of the finish straight to get its decision.

Newsletter 22nd February 2014

Gruyere 15th February 2014

Back to the road this week, a reasonable turn out, those desperate for a race after two cancellations prepared to suffer the consequences of the Killara Road hill.

Newsletter 1st February 2014

METEC, 25th January 2014

Tour down Under, Alpine Classic, long weekend, only the weather was in favour of a good turnout.  And despite the wind (no this wasn’t Casey Fields) the weather, and the lack of recent racing, was enough to get semi-reasonable fields on the day – 70 odd riders turning up to compete over the six races on offer.

The ride of the day going to James Alymer who, wearing Croydon Cycleworks colours, lapped a non-too-shabby b-grade field.  We may be seeing a bit more of James’ lanky frame in a-grade this year.

Newsletter 25th january 2014

Casey Fields, 18th January 2014

With the Tour Down Under on in Adelaide the numbers were down, especially in the higher grades, – only six starters for a-grade, and it was their turn for an elimination crit – a fast and furious warm up to the hour’s racing to follow.  It was windy in the car park, it was worse on the track – breakaways were not going to be the flavour of the day, attrition the likely scenario.  Despite the conditions and the elimination race a-grade was intense.  B-grade was much the same with a few trying their luck off the front throughout the race.  C-Grade, there was no money on the likely end result but that didn’t stop Peter Web trying to buck the norm – all to no avail, a bunch kick deciding the placings.  D-grade, another big grade, after losing a few early stayed together to the end as did e & f grades.

Newsletter 18th January 2014

Dunlop Road, 11th January 2014

The conditions at Dunlop Road were ideal for racing, not too warm and little wind. A big field filled the A grade teams race and this made for high speed and many attacks.

The other grades were also well subscribed and hotly contested with attempts to get away in every grade being shut down by individuals or by bunches countering the attacks. From the sidelines it was entertaining and clearly enjoyed by the combatants.

Mark Edwards has put up some photos of the racing. You can find them on the following link:

Newsletter 11th January 2014

Casey Fields, 4th January 2014

I know it’s clichéd but it was a tough-man’s day at Casey on Saturday, the threatening conditions and the tail end of the holiday season saw a very small turnout across most grades making the racing even tougher with nowhere to hide.


Newsletter 28th December 2013

METEC – Christmas Handicap, 21st December 2013

Keen to get a last ride in before gorging themselves over the festive season it was a good turnout for racing at METEC this week, sizable fields across all grades with enough that the club had to split the afternoon into two races; A, C & E followed by B, D & F.  And those were just the qualifiers, the real race followed – the Christmas Handicap, another sterling job by the handicapper saw it almost come together on the line, a determined f-grade trio just staying ahead of the chase that a-grade joined on the last corner.

Thanks to all of those who have made racing possible throughout the year, the committee members who organise the calendar, the permits, the roster and the membership in general for both assisting the running of the races by acting as marshals and for participating in a safe, courteous and friendly manner.

All the best for the season and the new year and see you in 2014.

Newsletter 21st December 2013

Dunlop Road, 14th December 2013

Top conditions, big fields, a-grade the biggest race of the afternoon and a fast one to boot, you can read one version of the events in this week’s newsletter.  B-grade was again a hard affair, constant attacks seeing little breaks up the road most laps with the bunch chasing hard.


Newsletter 14th December 2013

Casey Fields, 7th December 2013

Another big field in c-grade, d & b grades not far behind and the distribution curve continued its form through a and the lower grades.  In all 75 members turned out to be greeted by relatively mild conditions – mild for Casey.  A southerly breeze enough to encourage use of more than one gear whilst giving opportunity to the brave, a breeze that picked up through the afternoon.

There were some good rides in b-grade with multiple breaks going and being brought back, unfortunately I had my head down trying to hang onto my bunch and can offer no more than that.  C-grade did what c-grade usually do, that race ending in a big (well behaved) bunch sprint.  You can read all about d-grade’s race in the newsletter, whilst you’ll have to go to the source to find out what happened in the e & f grade races.


Newsletter December 7th 2013

Casey Fields, 30th November 2013

Tour of Bright, inclement conditions, it wasn’t looking to be a big turnout and early on numbers were slow but by 2:00 we had a good turnout and some competitive racing was had across all grades, the wind costing a few their places in the peloton and proving ally to the few brave souls who took their chances.


Newsletter 30th November 2013

Dunlop Road, 23rd November 2013

Old faithful; Dunlop Road, the most popular of our venues and although the weather did its best to deter the numbers it was still a good turnout, and a good day for racing.  Eighty riders across the six grades made for some tight and interesting racing whilst the threatening rain held off.

Newsletter 23rd November 2013

Casey Fields, 16th November 2013

One-hundred minutes in the Casey wind, it wasn’t going to be easy and just to add that little bit more suffering there were two intermediate sprints that carried enough points to influence the results.  A-grade were given a demonstration on how to ride a teams’ race with the Celtic trio rolling across the line well ahead of the rest of the depleted field.  B-grade were tested by Ian Milner & Phil Thompson who stretched the relatively small field in a race of attrition.  The remaining races saw riders succumb and fall away but the main bunches finishing together.


Newsletter 16th November 2013

Yarra Glen 9th  November 2013

Another small turnout; only 50 spread across five grades, c-grade making up nearly half that number with twenty, the uncertainty in the weather undoubtedly the reason.  Building works around the pony club had left dirt around the bottom end of the course and laying it thick on the double right from Yarraview into Glenview, A massive effort by Ross Tinkler and Dave McCormack cleared the worst so that we could race safely, so long as it stayed dry.  And stay dry it did, all grades enjoying good racing conditions and a tail wind up the hill.  The downside of the tailwind was a head wind to the finish and the downside of the day was a fall in the a-grade sprint, fortunately the rider involved walked away having kissed the bitumen and given it a bit of lip.


Newsletter 9th November 2013

Casey Fields, 2nd November 2013

It wouldn’t be Casey Fields if there wasn’t any wind and we weren’t disappointed.  Not the gales of past but enough to make riding alone a tough day in the saddle – a sentiment obviously shared by most in attendance with the lower grades coming in together.  The team’s race ensuring activity in the a-grade race, a series of attacks and counter attacks before finally a trio got a gap that they were able to hold to the end – with a little help from their friends.  A strong attack involving Ian Smith and Ross Tinkler saw the b-grade race shatter, the pair racing for top honours with Phil Thompson chasing down a lone Ray Russo to claim third.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 2nd November 2013

Seymour – Avenel Royce Bennett memorial handicap, 26th October 2013

A good turnout enjoyed an almost perfect day for a race on what is becoming a popular road circuit – ideally suited to a handicap, flat and fast.  There was only one group complaining about the conditions – scratch, “there wasn’t enough wind”.  With 95% of the registered riders turning up the handicappers plans weren’t upset too much and it promised to be a good and exciting race.  Read the stories from inside, and outside, the race in this week’s newsletter.


Newsletter 26th October 2013

Gruyere, 19th October 2013

Despite the good weather, and no known conflicts, it was small gathering that took on ‘that climb’ over and over. I may not have been there long, but did notice that the d and e-grade bunches were suffering early with antagonists putting the bunches to the test on the first lap.  Keith’s report from the finish line confirms and expands on this observation indicating that most grades finished with individuals of small breakaways taking the honours.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 19th October 2013

Yarra Junction – Club Championships, 12th October 2013

The weather was generous for the club’s road championships and we were rewarded by solid fields in all of the younger age groups and representatives all the way through to 80+.  It was good to see a lot of lower grade riders test themselves, and in some cases stay with their chrono-peers, some may find themselves riding up a grade next week.


Newsletter 12th October 2013

Casey Fields, 5th October 2013

Small numbers meant there’d be no where to hide, the Casey Gale meant the bunches would be shredded like MP’s travel records, the diminishing numbers making it tougher the longer the proceedings went.

It was a day for high-density riders, folks who could hold a line in the strong cross winds, winds that saw a few making off-road sojourns, fortunately with no worse a consequence than the hardware needing a wash.

Newsletter 5th October 2013

METEC, 28th September 2013.

Hawthorn v. the rest of the country, cold, wet, windy and wild weather not the best mix for racing.  Not the best for sweeping the circuit either but the wind did make for a dry track come race time.  It was a small collection that headed out into the wind with a small prayer to the gods for it to stay dry, the prayers were unanswered but it was only a light shower mid-race doing little to dampen the spirits of the few on the track and the fewer on the sidelines.

The conditions meant races would go one of two ways; conservative with no serious aggression, the bunch staying together for the duration or the conditions taking control and blow the races to pieces.  The majority of grades taking the conservative option, c-grade (the largest bunch) the exception (for once) producing the ride of the day, Steve Short getting into an early break that was short lived but then bridging to a second break that went before half race distance and helping drive it to the podium, John Thompson managing to stay with Steve and contribute to ensure that the chasers stayed that way.

Newsletter 28th September 2013

Don Road Hill Climb, 22nd September 2013

For most of the morning it looked like being a waterlogged event but miraculously the rain held off at the start for most riders to complete their short but explosive ride up Don Road. The bridge at the top marked the end of their effort and a chance to get the heart beat back to something resembling normal. Time trials are tough and uphill time trials are incredibly tough. Congratulations to all the riders who took part and well done to the place getters.

Newsletter 21st September 2013

Casey Fields, 14th September 2013

With a few away at Lorne for the Amy Gillett there were small numbers at Casey Fields – 62.  Melbourne turned on the weather for Amy and we benefitted at Casey with some of the stillest conditions ever experienced.  But the air was heavy and regardless of where you were it felt like a headwind, but it wasn’t and that enabled most bunches to stay together for the one-hour’s (give or take a bit – like half an hour) races.


Newsletter 14th September 2013

Lake Learmonth, 7th September 2013

Seventy riders spread themselves across the five grades that were out to contest this friendly (non-official) interclub.  The Eureka club managed to scratch together four riders to bolster the a-grade teams race and had good representation in the other races.  Ballarat turned on the weather, well, it didn’t rain (much), the wind kept it at bay.  Yes there was a bit of a breeze but it made the flat course a strong-person’s course.  Local knowledge played a part in some races with attacks at the left-right dog-leg stretching the bunches and putting paid to some riders races.

The Eureka Veterans Cycling Club turned on the hospitality, I am assured the caramel slices were heavenly – almost ‘to die for’ but I can’t verify that as some people had more than their fair share and I missed out.  The profiteroles were also lauded but again somebody was tonkin’ them down and despite searching them out all I could find was an empty plate with a few chocolate coated crumbs.

The racing was great, the post-race activities friendly.  This will be an annual event and one worth marking in your calendar as a ‘to do’ race.

Newsletter 7th September 2013

Yarra Glen, 31st August 2013

The good weather brought out the numbers and it was near on eighty starters that raced over 5 grades.  The racing was tough and hard-fought, James Steward managing to hold onto Tom Leaper through the last six laps of the a-grade race and then outsprint him for the win, one of the senior statesmen of the club in Martin Peeters was able to take on and beat all comers, regardless of age, in the b-grade race.



Newsletter 31st August 2013

Arthurs Creek, 24th August 2013

Desopite the almost perfect conditions it was only a small turnout of 50 who raced over five grades.  The small bunches didn’t make for any less exciting racing as individuals tried their luck over the testing course.


Newsletter 24th August 2013

Yarra Junction – Piedmont 17th August 2013

Under grey skies and inclement weather it was a small gathering that faced the challenges of the Bump at Yarra Junction.


Newsletter 17th August 2013

Gruyere 10th August 2013

Finally the sun shone on those who chose to race this Saturday.  59 riders in total set themselves against each other and the testing Gruyere circuit.  It was good to see a few of the summer boys in the start list and some returning from injury in the results.


Newsletter 10th August 2013

Casey Fields 3rd August 2013

It was Casey Fields, by all accounts it didn’t dissapoint, a tough day out for the sixty riders who gambled on the rain staying away.



Newsletter 3rd August 2013

Yarra Glen 27th July 2013

Cool conditions with a slight wind made for ideal racing conditions at the tough but fair Yarra Glen kermese circuit..


Newsletter 27th July 2013

Rob Graham memorial ITT, Yarra Junction 20th July 2013

The race conditions for the Time Trial were wet and cold, but fortunately, no wind to speak of. It was wet for the warm-up if it could be called that and it didn’t get any better as each of the 70+ riders made their way out towards Powelltown and back to the finish.

A special thanks to the officials on the day who stood in the cold and wet to ensure that those whoe chose to take the test of truth could do so safely.


Newsletter 20th July 2013

Arthurs Creek 13th July 2013,

Rain threatened but this didn’t stop a healthy turn out and some intense racing.


Newsletter 13th July 2013

Casey Fields 6th July 2013,

Twas a cold, damp and windy day at Casey Fields which probably went a long way to explaining the small numbers in attendance.  61 riders across six grades in tough conditions made for some tough racing and some epic performances.  B-grade seeing two near-half hour solo efforts, Anthony Gullace and then Rob Harris making the bunch work for their sprint.


Newsletter 6th July 2013

Gruyere 29th June 2013

Near perfect conditions for racing saw 71 riders over five grades taking on what many considered to be our toughest road circuit – 12 times up the Killara Road climb for the top grade riders enough to test the best.


Newsletter 29th June

Yarra Glen, 22nd June 2013

It was a beautiful crisp winter’s day sun shining on the scenic country Yarra Valley that greeted the 79 who sarted the Eastern Cycling Club Yarra Glen Kermesse.  An afternoon of competitive racing, some grades holding on to finish in a bunch kick, others where aggressive riding was rewarded and a breakaway being successful.


Newsletter 22 June 2013

Arthurs Creek 15 June 2013

Almost ideal conditions to race; cool – not cold, dry but not parching, although a brief light shower an hour or so in did cause some concern on the drop to Nankervis Road for the 60+ riders who competed over the five grades represented, but with no incidents resulting it was a successful day’s racing.  Again c-grade was the biggest bunch with a sizable peloton,the remainder evenly populated across the remaining grades.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 15th June 2013

METEC, 8th June 2013

After last week, an ideal change in the weather provided great winter riding conditions for the METEC criterium.  A good contingent of riders across six grades saw another entertaining and competitive race day on this popular circuit.


Newsletter 8th June

Casey Fields, 1st June 2013

Near record rainfall saw the committee cancel the day’s racing, this hasn’t detered our newsletter editor from  pulling something together to keep you informed on what’s going on and what’s coming up.


Newsletter 1st June 2013

Yarra Junction – Piedmont, 25th May 2013

A damp morning, the clouds resting low on the hills, it wasn’t looking too bright and this may have been the reason for the low numbers in attendance. The 72k race distance and the minor obstacle of ‘the bump’ may have also had some impact. As the 1:30 race start time approached the clouds lifted, some sun shine even made it to the road and being an a-grade teams’ race (the first of the winter series) it was a not too shabby collection of lycra clad individuals that gathered outside the Yarra Junction Secondary College for our return to this circuit.


Newsletter 25th May 2013

Seymour-Avenel, 18th May 2013

Athletic Soft Tissue Handicap

Almost ideal conditions saw the most of the early bunches come together over the last lap and hold off the scratch and second scratch bunches to contest one of the biggest finishes the club has seen.  A brave move by John Thomas a kilometre from the line paid off as he held on for the win ahead of the 40+ strong bunch that were breathing down his neck.

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 18th May 2013

Gruyere, 11th May 2013

The Gruyere kermesse is a tough race circuit, with one particularly challenging elevation change, as shown by this image from Strava . The weather was warm, with some head wind and cross wind issues which made the course a bit tricky for some. A good turn out and some good racing followed


Newsletter 11th May 2013

Casey Fields, 4th May 2013 

It was cooler conditions this week down at Casey Fields with a modest turnout. But that didn’t stop a good days racing and some interesting battles out their on the track.


Newsletter 4 May 2013

Casey Fields, 27th April 2013 – Club Criterium Championships

A very warm and windy day down at Casey Fields provided difficult racing conditions for the Criterium club championships. All eligible age groups were represented with some interesting racing and riders from different grades all in the mix together. Congratulations to all the place getters and well done to the lower graders who gave it good go.


Newsletter 27 April 2013

Dunlop Road 20/4/2013

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 20 April 2013

EVCC Apr 20 Newsletter

Newsletter 13 April 2013

evcc apr 13 newsletter

Newsletter 6 April 2013

evcc apr 6 newsletter

Newsletter 30 March 2013

Dunlop Road 23/3/2013

Brave Dave was there on the day and has uploaded a few images from the day.

Newsletter 23 March 2013

evcc mar 23 newsletter

Newsletter 9 March 2013

evcc mar 9 newsletter

Newsletter 2 March 2013

evcc mar 2 newsletter

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24/10/2009 – Steels Creek – Royce Bennet memorial h’cap, 17/10/2009

31/10/2009 – Killara Road, 24/10/2009

28/11/2009 – Yarra Junction – O’Mara 100, 21/11/2009

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17/5/2008 – Steels Creek – Athletic Soft Tissue h’cap, 10/5/2008

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21/6/2008 – Yarra Junction – Eastern v. Southern, 14/6/2008

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5/7/2008 – Macclesfield, 28/6/2008

12/7/2008 – METEC, 5/7/2008

19/7/2008 – Steels Creek – Vic State Home Loans Group h’cap, 12/7/2008

26/7/2008 – Yarra Junction – Rob Graham memorial ITT, 19/7/2008

2/8/2008 – Arthurs Creek, 26/7/2008

9/8/2008 – Casey Fields – Bicycle Superstore h’cap, 2/8/2008

Newsletter editor on sabbatical

13/9/2008 – Casey Fields – Avon Tyre Service h’cap, 6/9/2008

20/9/2008 – Arthurs Creek, 13/9/2008

27/9/2008 – The Basin – hill climb, 20/9/2008

4/10/2008 – METEC, 27/9/2008

11/10/2008 – Casey Fields, 4/10/2008

18/10/2008 – Yarra Junction – Club Championships, 11/10/2008

25/10/2008 – Steels Creek – Royce Bennett memorial h’cap, 18/10/2008

1/11/2008 – Killara Road, 25/10/2008

8/11/2008 – Casey Fields, 1/11/2008

15/11/2008 – Macclesfield, 8/11/2008

22/11/2008 – Dunlop Road, 15/11/2008

6/12/2008 – Dunlop Road (charity day), 29/11/2008

13/12/2008 – Casey Fields, 6/12/2008

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Killara Rd, 7th July 2007

Lang Lang – Southern v. Eastern, 15th July 2007

Yarra Junction – Rob Graham memorial ITT, 21st July 2007

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Editor on sebatical

The Basin – Indoor Outdoor Imports hill climb, 23rd September 2007

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Steels reek – Royce Bennett memorial h’cap, 20th October 2007

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METEC, 17th November 2007

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Casey Fields, 1st December 2007

Dunlop Road (charity day), 8th December 2007

METEC, 15th December 2007

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