Newsletter 10th December 2016

National Boulevard, 4th December 2016 – Dave Ryan memorial Northern v. Eastern

Last Sunday we took on Northern Cycling at Northern Boulevard in the Dave Ryan Memorial Crits. Thirty-seven Eastern riders took to the start line against 56 from Northern, and the final points tally was almost identical to the numbers who raced: Eastern 38 to Northern 57. There is just one race report inside, from D Grade. Also inside is a summary of the situation in the club aggregate championship with just two Saturdays of racing remaining for the year.

Newsletter 3rd December 2016

Dunlop Road, 26th November 2016 – Charity Day – GSR

Last Saturday’s annual charity day at Dunlop Road raised funds for the Leukaemia Foundation (  There is a full account of the day (and the all-important total) inside, after Peter Gray’s race report from D Grade. You’ll also find there this week’s required reading: an explanation of the role of the bunch captain.

Newsletter 26th November 2016

Arthurs Creek, 19th November 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

After weeks of barmy weather we finally pulled a balmy one for our last road race of the year.  It was a mediocre turnout on such a beautiful day but that didn’t make for mediocre competition and if the reports are anything to go by there was some tough racing to be had.

There are also images from the day either from the gallery or here and here.

Newsletter 19th November 2016

Dunlop Road, 12th November 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

The Casey winds seemed to have migrated north but that didn’t stop a big turnout from returning to our favourite haunt – reports from all races in this week’s newsletter.


Newsletter 12th November 2016

Casey Fields, 5th November 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

The wind was back with a vengeance and even though we raced in a clockwise direction there was no getting away from it.  Those that could stay together did, those who couldn’t got blown apart – A Grade was a savage affair with attack after attack, B Grade wasn’t far behind with a few serious moves the ultimate proving the winner.  This week’s newsletter carries reports on most races.

Newsletter 5th November 2016

Casey Fields, 29th October 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

One for the books, after weeks of howling northerlies making a ride up Beach Road akin to an Hors Category climb there was barely a breath of wind to bend the reeds or ripple the surface of Tristan’s pond.  Despite being a pseudo long weekend a healthy turn out saw solid racing across all grades, reports from a couple in this week’s newsletter testament to the competitiveness through the grades.

Newsletter 29th October 2016

Eildon, 22nd October 2016 – Royce Bennett memorial handicap.

Last week’s Royce Bennett Memorial Handicap at Eildon was epic in a number of ways. Registrations were low, it must be said, and a number of those who registered did not make it to the start line after two accidents on the Black Spur (neither involving Eastern members) closed the Maroondah Highway for several hours. The windy and chilly conditions turned to rain towards the end of the race, and some riders were still shivering when the sun reappeared to shine on the post-race presentation. But, as the old saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Everyone who competed demonstrated more than the usual toughness. Well done to all who did so, and a particular thank you also to all those marshals and others who helped out on the day. Enjoy the race reports.

Newsletter 22nd October 2016

Arthurs Creek, 15th October 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Arthurs Creek last Saturday was a windy place. Average speeds were high on the return leg from Strathewen; heading out was another matter, especially on a couple of the bends near the orchard. Race reports are inside.

Newsletter 15th October 2016

Yarra Glen, 8th October 2016 – Club Championships

Last Saturday’s club road championships at Yarra Glen were held in excellent conditions, with a tailwind up the hill on Glenview Road. Well done to all those who took part, and particular congratulations to the winners.  Reports from several of the races are inside this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter 8th October 2016

Casey Fields, 1st October 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Racing returned to Casey Fields last week for – by all accounts – a tough afternoon in the wind. The newsletter is catching its breath this week, between the Team Time Trial and this Saturday’s club road championships at Yarra Glen – results only are inside.

Newsletter 1st October 2016

Seymour, 24th September 2016 – Pinnacle Cycles Team Time Trial

The second annual Eastern Veterans Team Time Trial took place last Saturday at Avenel, near Seymour. The reports that follow speak for the high regard this event has earned in very short time. Thanks once again to the organisers and sponsors, including major sponsor Pinnacle Cycles,.
If you rode the TTT on Saturday, there is an excellent chance you were captured on photo.  John Williams is pretty sure he got all riders.  A number of his photos appear in the newsletter, the remainder available here.

Newsletter 24th September 2016

Yarra Glen, 17th September 2016 – Graded Scratch races

One out of the box this week and a good crop of reports covering most races with yet more brevity and wit from Max Michelson.

Newsletter 17th September 2016

Gruyere, 10th September 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Small numbers doesn’t necessarily mean small racing and if brevity is the soul of wit, then you’ve probably never read a wittier one than Max Michelson’s from E Grade. Our contributors are a mix of repeat offenders and newer faces, check out how the day’s races went.


Newsletter 10th September 2016

Yarra Glen, 3rd September 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Despite the cold Yarra Glen continues to prove to be the peoples choice of road race circuits on our calendar.  Unfortunately despite the good turnout only two reports made it to the editor’s desk on time.  Regardless, see how the respective races ran and check out the other news Nick and the club has for you.

Newsletter 3rd September 2016

Casey Fields, VVCC State Criterium Championships.

This week we hosted the State Championships, not a lot of news out of that but results are detailed and there’s a report from Wednesday as well as Wellington.


Newsletter 27th August 2016

Seymour, 20th August 2016 – Rob Graham memorial ITT

Last Saturday we raced in honour of the late Rob Graham, a great athlete and club member and an especially strong rider in the time trial. As he does every year at the ‘Rob Graham’, Ron Stranks spoke with great feeling at the presentation ceremony about Rob and the many reasons this signature race in our calendar is named for him. The time trial is a hard discipline. Rider after rider reported that they had hoped for a tailwind on the return leg, but the tailwind never came. There are three race reports this week – from handicap winner Peter Morris, from one of the club’s best time triallers, Phil Smith, and from regular reporter Peter Gray.

Newsletter 20th August 2016

Gruyere, 13th August 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Gruyere is tough and not favoured by many and this week was no exception, a small turnout didn’t make for easy racing, half the grades spread across the Yarra Valley country side early.  Some great individual efforts at both ends of the field; Phil Smith in A-grade and Paula McGovern in E.

An almost full compliment of reports plus a bonus report or two for your consumption.


Newsletter 13th August 2016

Casey Fields, 6th August 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

A pleasant day and an unusual meteorological occurrence – no wind.   Despite the almost ideal conditions it was a poor turnout in many grades but that didn’t mean the racing wasn’t hot, read the reports and catch up with Peter Gray’s Queensland ventures.

Newsletter 6th August 2016

Yarra Glen, 30th July 2016 – Tour de Metro, race 4

The Tour de Metro four-race series ended with a kermesse at Yarra Glen on Saturday.  We took the points on the day by a narrow margin, but having lost the previous three weekends it was Northern that won the series by a somewhat wider one.  The racing was competitive all month and there were plenty of voices arguing that the series between the two clubs should become a more regular event.

Gallery of images from the day.

Newsletter 30th July 2016

Arthurs Creek, 23rd July 2016 – Tour de Metro Race 3

The third in the series between the metropolitan clubs; Eastern and Northern saw a reasonable turnout with fairly balanced numbers, the weather and forecast doing nothing to aid said turnout. Arthurs Creek is a tough circuit and nigh on all races ended up spread across the road, individuals or just remnants of bunches contesting the sprint finishes.
A good selection of reports covers the days racing – read on.

Newsletter 23rd July 2016

National Boulevard, 10th July 2016 – Tour de Metro race 2.

The second of four races in the series, the last to be hosted by Northern and we head to the hills for the next two.  Read how at c-grade put a plan in place and effected it.

Newsletter 16th July 2016

National Boulevard, 10th July 2016 – Tour de Metro race 1.

The first in a series of four inter-club races between Eastern and our metropolitan neighbours – Northern Cycling.  A good attendance but unfortunately not quite the result desired.  Read on to catch up on what went on.

Newsletter 9th July 2016

Casey Fields, 2nd July 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Development of the Casey Fields BMX track continues giving the marshals something to do before the masses took to the track.  It’s not only the infield that is seeing upgrades, new kerbing around a lot of the criterium track with fresh bitumen replacing the rubber-filled cracks.  The finish straight totally re-surfaced in nice fast super smooth hot mix, unfortunately it still has that little uphill drag and you still have to push those pedals.

Newsletter 2nd July 2016

Eildon, 25th June 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Another beautiful riding day east of the divide, not a lot of starters but inspiring enough to have those who rode put pen to paper.  Reports from all grades, check out what you missed out on.

Newsletter 25th June 2016

Yarra Glen, 18th June 2016 – Graded Scratch Races

Despite the inclement weather a good turnout competed at what must be our favourite road circuit, with all grades represented we have a few reports on how the damp conditions didn’t dampen the enthusiasm (well not a lot) nor the competition.  Read on to see how the races developed.

Newsletter 18th June 2016

Seymour, 11the June 2016 – Royce Bennett memorial h’cap

With rain forecast and low numbers entered the decision was taken to cancel the race, but this hasn’t stopped the editor from scratching up some good reading – one of Trent Lowe’s favourite training loops and a glimpse at how the Italians manage an international event.


Newsletter 11th June 2016

Casey Fields, 4th June 2016

Wet, cold and unpleasant but not a breath of wind.   The rain did hold off but numbers were low, those there made the most of the day by racing, read their reasons in the reports in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter 4th June 2016

Arthurs Creek, 28th May 2016

Damp roads made for tentative descending but didn’t dampen the competition, break-aways were attempted, chases were mounted, positions changed, and solid rides were rewarded.  Read the reports to find out who tried and who succeeded.

Newsletter 28th May 2016

Yarra Glen, 21st May 2016

Large B and C grade bunches made for an impressive sight though the turning leaves of the Yarra Glen wineries.  The Yarra Glen circuit again proving popular with the members of the club.

Newsletter 21st May 2016

Seymour, 14th May 2016 – Athletic Soft Tissue handicap

Bolstered by Northern members it was a good field that set off to contest one of our signature events.  A good field made for good racing; great handicapping made for a great finish.  Check the insider reports in this week’s edition of the club newsletter.

Newsletter 14th May 2016

Casey Fields, 7th May 2016

Let me take you down ’cause I’m going to …’ There was a bit of ‘Casey Fields Forever’ about Saturday as the club headed south-east for the third week in a row, but again the format was different: this time, graded scratch races to qualify for a final three-lap handicap. And the racing action was real, as this week’s race reports show. Read on!

Newsletter 7th May 2016

Casey Fields, 30th April 2016.

The wind was the same but the direction wasn’t, in an effort to change things up a bit racing was with the clock.  No matter which way the race rolled the wind was always going to be the enemy, breakaways were never going to succeed, attrition and reduced bunch sprints were going to be the finishes of the day.  Nobody told a-grade that; a supreme effort by Phil Smith saw him hold off a serious chase for nigh-on forty-five minutes.

Newsletter 30th April 2016

Casey Fields, 23rd April 2016 – Club Criterium Championships

and a bit more, some great write ups from the Club Champs, one from The Benghazi handicap and a spiel on the pleasures of riding the Warby rail trail.  Also some facts on the Paris-Roubaix and offers to keep you warm through winter.  Thanks to Nick Tapp for continuing to put together the newsletter and to those who contribute.

Newsletter 23rd April 2016

METEC, 16th April 2016

Despite the threatening looking weather it was a good turnout to METEC for the penultimate hitout before the club championships.  A solid wind keeping most bunches huddled together for protection, it was only the brave who ventured into the conditions to try their luck.

Newsletter 16th April 2016

Newham, 9th April 2016

100 starters, 40 from Eastern and podium results to two of our own, read how it unfolded for some.

Perspectives from within the peloton and from without as Peter Gray outlines what it took to run the event on the day.  Also this week the final instalment on John Williams’s Wellington – Auckland race.


Newsletter 9th April 2016

Dunlop Road, 2nd April 2016

Big bunches and generally safe racing despite the attempts of some shoe-shoppers, Dunlop Road again proving a very popular venue with most races finishing in a mass rush for the line. Read the competitors take on their races in this week’s edition of the EVCC newsletter.


Newsletter 2nd April 2016

Casey Fields, 26th March 2016

Small fields at Casey on the weekend with many away at Maryborough but that didn’t detract from some quality racing, unfortunately it did impact the stories coming from the day, just a lone report on the day’s events.


Newsletter 26th March 2016

Yarra Glen, 19th March 2016

Dark clouds swirled around Yarra Glen last Saturday but the road was dry, and it stayed that way. The testing kermesse course with its repeated ups and downs put many legs to the sword. The scenery may have been largely forgotten in the heat of competition, but it makes a grand backdrop for an afternoon of racing.

Thanks again to those who contributed reports, photos and news. Among them is Mark Edwards, who was on duty last Saturday with tripod and camera – you may have seen him around the course. Several of Mark’s images appear in this issue and he has made many more available at his Google share site.


Newsletter 19th March 2016

Dunlop Road, 12th March 2016

A good turnout, great conditions and some strong riding produce some great racing.  This week, a few reports and some great images from Paul Webster and your own favourite handicapper.  Also this week the much anticipated report on the Wellington to Auckland race from John Williams.


Newsletter 12th March 2016

Casey Fields, 5th March 2016

Fairly calm climatic conditions  greeted the riders at Casey Fields this week, the racing was far from calm, most races breaking up with aggressive racing from the usual suspects and some unusual ones.  This week’s newsletter is packed with reports and other news.

Newsletter 5th March 2016

Learmonth, 27th February 2016

The weather didn’t disappoint, cool and clear but the fans were still turning.  It was a small turnout that made the journey, but ask anyone of them and they’ll tell you it was worth the trip, the reports in this week’s newsletter attest to this.

From Louise’s point of view;

Whooo hoo – road trip, headed to Ballarat nice and early and arrived at Lake Learmonth.  Except there was no lake – just grass and bushes.  So, it was called a lake but there was no lake?!  OK, let’s go with this.  The Windmill circuit had been planned out for the day. Maybe there will be no wind?  There’s no lake and all – right?  Nup.  There was wind!

Follow the girl’s adventures and those of the others who’ve shared in this week’s newsletter.


Newsletter 27th February 2016

METEC, 20th February 2016

Only a couple of reports for your perusal.

Newsletter 20th February 2016

Dunlop Road, 13th February 2016


Newsletter 6th February 2016

Gruyere, 30th January 2016

Racing returned last week to Gruyere, and that hill on Killara Road looms large in all race reports. Loomed larger and larger as the race wore on, it would seem. (I wonder, did the riders on Thursday’s first stage of the Herald Sun Tour even notice it …) Now it’s back to flatter courses for several weeks—Casey Fields this week, then Dunlop Road, METEC, and an outing to Lake Learmonth, near Ballarat, on 27 February, courtesy of Eureka CC. Put that one in your diary.

Newsletter 30th January 2016

Dunlop Road, 23rd January 2016

A slow return to the season, just the one race report but a take on the Alpine Classic and an opinion on the proposed introduction of rider ids in NSW for your consideration.


Newsletter 16th January 2016

Dunlop Road, 9th January 2016

A quiet start to the new year, a couple of good reads to get into it.

Newsletter 19th December 2015

METEC, 12th December 2015


Newsletter 12th December 2015

Casey Fields – Christmas Handicap, 5th December 2015

It was a big weekend of bike racing. The winners from Saturday’s Christmas Handicap at Casey Fields were E-grade rider John Marx, who held off a storming field to win; Jean-Philippe Leclercq, who just failed to catch John but took out fastest time – and handicapper Peter Mackie. With five grades represented in the top 10, and the first eight place-getters within 50 metres at the finish, it could hardly have worked out better from the handicapper’s point of view. Nice one, Pete! Peter Gray’s selection for ‘Ride of the Day’ went to Steve Short for his gutsy solo attempt to catch the eventual winner.

Several club members were off in Victoria’s north-east last weekend, competing in the Tour of Bright. And on Sunday a gallant few took on Northern Cycling in the Dave Ryan Memorial criterium at Northern Boulevard. Reports, including Peter Gray’s pictorial report on the Christmas Handicap, are within.

Newsletter 5th December 2015

Dunlop Road, 28th November 2015

Another big turnout to what must be our favourite circuit and some solid racing, Gerard Donnelly and his mates showing a-grade how it’s done, another very strong performance by the Celtic trio,  Jean-Philippe showing the tenacity he is becoming known for by sticking with them and the few others who had the insight to go early.  The flat circuit and near ideal conditions made for tough and close racing, you can read the story of how some of the grades faired in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter 28th November 2015

Arthurs Creek, 21st November 2015

The testing course between Arthurs Creek and Strathewen was the setting for our weekly travails on Saturday. That last hill usually produces a result – but first you have to get there. Some got there; some didn’t. Read on to find out more.

Newsletter 21st November 2015

Dunlop Road, 14th November 2015

It must be summer! The cycling action is building on road and track. Among other news this week – in case you missed it – Tour de France champion Chris Froome announced he would contest the 2016 Jayco Herald Sun Tour. Plans are again afoot for an Eastern Cycling Club presence on Mt Buninyong in January for the Road National Championships, and Dunlop Road is back at the top of our program. To go by this week’s race reports, sprinters and breakaways ruled the roost on Saturday. Read on to find out more.

Newsletter 14th November 2015

Casey Fields, 7th November 2015

It was back to Casey Fields on Saturday for a typically windy afternoon’s racing. Unfortunately, the A grade race (and, less directly, all other grades) was affected by a crash, which resulted in injuries to several riders and damage to bikes.

Newsletter 7th November 2015

Seymour – Pinnacle Cycles TTT, 31st October 2015

The much anticipated Eastern Veterans/Pinnacle Cycles Team Time Trial took place last Saturday at Avenel, near Seymour. Melbourne’s rain skies gave way to sunshine and patchy cloud north of the Divide, and the event proceeded on dry roads and without a drop of rain. Someone must like us! To judge by all reports, riders universally appreciated all the work that went into staging the event, and most, if not all, would come back for another crack next year. Congratulations and thanks to all those who contributed on the day and in the lead-up, including Pinnacle Cycles and the other organisations and individuals who put up prizes. Read on for results, reports and photos.

Newsletter 31st October 2015

Yarra Glen, 24th October 2015

There’s just one race report this week from Yarra Glen but it was a full afternoon of racing.  Peter Gray also reports from Northern Cycling’s Jim Pritchard Memorial  Handicap.

Meanwhile, last weekend in Adelaide, four Eastern members – Roy Clark, Anna Davis, Chris Ellenby and Ron Stranks – were collecting an impressive haul of medals at the Australian Veterans Championships. Ron and Anna made the podium in all three disciplines in their age group – time trial, road race and criterium – and Anna finished 1st in all three. Congratulations to all four riders!

Newsletter 24th October 2015

Arthurs Creek, 17th October 2014

Racing returned to Arthurs Creek last Saturday for the first time in quite a while. Arthurs Creek is an old favourite among the club’s road circuits that has suffered serious wear and tear to the road surface. A number of this week’s reports make appreciative mention of Nigel Kimber’s efforts to clearly mark damaged sections.
Elsewhere in the state, Eastern members were putting in some big efforts during the 100th Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic and the Bill Long Camperdown to Warrnambool Open Handicap (read the newsletter for images and reports).

Newsletter 17th October 2015

Yarra Glen, 10th October 2015

Saturday afternoon at Yarra Glen was sunny and warm for the last in the winter series of A-grade teams races. Croydon Cycleworks riders took an emphatic clean sweep of the first five places and secured both the team and individual series trophies. In the other grades, the rigours of the course and the unaccustomed mugginess made for a race of attrition. Who would stay fresh the longest and prevail in the final push to the line? Read on to find out.

Newsletter 10th October 2015

Casey Fields, 3rd October 2015

It may have been just another (windy) Saturday at Casey Fields, but there’s always a story to tell. Two regular correspondents sent reports this week.
A big event for the club that’s just around the corner is the Eastern Cycling Club Pinnacle Cycles Team Time Trial in Seymour on 31 October. Entries close at 9 pm on 21 October. Full details in this newsletter.

And best wishes to any club members who may be lining up this Sunday for Melbourne’s biggest mass-participation ride of the year. Yes, it’s Around the Bay time again.

Newsletter 3rd October 2015

Eildon – Club Championships, 26th September 2015

Again Eildon turned it on for us – blue skies, little wind and less traffic.

Last Saturday the age-based Club Road Championships were run at Eildon. Riding the champs is a rare chance to measure yourself against other riders in your age group, rather than in grades decided by the handicapper. There were some ding-dong battles, as this week’s race reports testify. Thanks to all our correspondents.

And thanks to Peter Gray for the image of the week, which serves to remind us why we ride.


Newsletter September 26th 2015

Yarra Glen, 19th September 2015

Has spring really arrived at last? The days are lengthening and it’s a little easier to get out for an early ride. Saturday was a grand spring day at Yarra Glen, as this week’s race reports confirm, and all grades from A to F had double-digit bunches. Fourth place felt like a win to Jean-Philippe Leclercq, and Paul Firth came 4th (I’m sure there’s a pun in there, but Paul has probably heard it before). Read on to find out more.

This week the age-based Club Road Championships take place at Eildon. It’s a rare chance to measure yourself against other riders in your age group, rather than in grades decided by the handicapper. Best of luck to all.

Newsletter September 19th 2015

Gruyere, 12th September 2015

A club stalwart had success on the world stage this week. Evergreen rider Liz Randall won her category in the women’s time trial at the UCI Amateur World Championships in Denmark. Read Dave McCormack’s report later in this newsletter.

Closer to home, at Gruyere, bunches were quite small but conditions were excellent and the competition was fierce. Race reports follow for A, B, C and E grades. Let’s try for a full house next week!

And don’t forget the forthcoming Team Time Trial, to be held on Saturday 31 October at Seymour. A separate email has gone out with details and FAQs. It would be great to see lots of riders get behind the club and get involved in this new venture.


Newsletter September 12th 2015

Casey Fields, 5th September 2015

We can’t all be like Joaquim Rodríguez. The veteran (yes, he’s 36!) Spanish rider was quoted as saying, after a savagely mountainous stage of the Vuelta a España this week, that he had suffered more on the ‘easier’ 9–10% sections than on the walls and was waiting for 15–20% gradients … to recover. After some hilly courses in recent weeks, Casey Fields last Saturday probably looked like a good place to recover – but, as anyone who’s raced there knows, it’s rarely that simple.

There’s just the one race report from Casey this week. Doug Reynolds and Kevin King finally got away from the B-grade bunch, but would they stay away? Read on to find out.

And best of luck to any club members who may be riding Amy’s Gran Fondo this Sunday. The weather forecast could hardly be better. Enjoy those closed roads!


Newsletter September 5th 2015

Lake Learmonth, 29th August 2015.

This week’s image of Lake Learmonth, scene of last Saturday’s graded scratch races with Eureka Veterans CC, is from Peter Gray. Most race reports this week mention the weather, and Peter’s image suggests why. Those who braved the icy blasts and made the journey found a warm welcome from the Eureka club – both on the road, where the locals were determined to impress, and back in the clubrooms after the race.

Newsletter August 29th 2015

Rob Graham memorial ITT – Seymour, 22nd August 2015

The race of truth, always a leg-searing, lung-busting affair, but a true measure of how to ride a bicycle hard.  Some great personal viewpoints in this week’s edition of the club newsletter, check them out.

Newsletter August 22nd 2015

Gruyere, 15th August 2015

This week it’s the legs that have done all the talking, just the two reports from the weekend’s racing. To bolster the race reports an article on the women racing the upcoming Melbourne to Warrnambool.

Newsletter August 15th 2015

Yarra Glen, 8th August 2015.

Yarra Glen again shows its popularity with the punters and some good racing.  This week’s newsletter gives an insight into the who and the what of what happened.


Newsletter August 8th 2015

Casey Fields, 1st August 2015

It was Casey Fields, it was windy, but not a patch on last week so there was scope for the brave of heart and the strong to forge their freedom with daring attacks.

Plus a bonus member profile to inspire you to improve your competitiveness.

Newsletter August 1st 2015

Casey Fields, 25th July 2015

Those who thought the move from the undulating/hilly Arthurs Creek to the flat Casey Fields would make for an easier day in the saddle were mistaken.  Casey was at it’s worst, bunches were smashed, an inch quickly blowing out to a gap too big to close.  It was a day for the strong, the tough may have been left behind but plugged on into the wind to finish their race.

Thanks to Janita who has again done a sterling job with the newsletter.

Newsletter July 25th 2015

Gruyere, 18th July 2015

Cool and brisk conditions greeted the 60 odd who made the trek to Gruyere.  With cool still air and some warmth in the sun it was ideal racing conditions – so much so that e-grade were given an extra lap to make the most of them.  This week’s newsletter provides good wrap-ups of most races and some great images from the Tour de France night.

Newsletter July 11th 2015

Eildon, 4th July 2015

It wasn’t that cold and it wasn’t wet, the Melbourne rain not making it across the ranges.  And with still conditions it didn’t take long for those who donned the lyrca to warm up to some hotly contested races across the four that were held. – a disappointing turnout to what is a really good circuit.  And the small village of Eildon packs some top notch bakeries, $31 later I had a big lunch and Saturday night’s dessert – vanilla slices that I would recommend.

Newsletter July 4th 2015

Newham – VVCC Open, 27th June 2015

Two events covered; the club’s VVCC Open at Newham and the Hell of Northcote – Melburn-Roobax.  A successful day at Newham, the handicapper getting in mainly right, the calm conditions not favouring the scratch riders, but they at least got up for fastest time this week – 40kph average over a fairly tough 60k.

Newsletter June 27th 2015

Yarra Glen, 20th June 2015

It was cool and overcast and a little bit misty but that didn’t dissuade the members from turning out in force, an a-grade team’s race bolstering that grade’s numbers with strong showings in the next few grades and enough to warrant an E and an F grade.  And as usual the talk around the eskies post-race was that a good race was had by near all.

Newsletter June 20th 2015

Seymour – Royce Bennett memorial handicap, June 13th 2015


Newsletter June 13th 2015

Casey Fields, 6th June 2015

Just read it.

I think it was a better day to ref than to race, most grades providing some interesting racing, aggression across most grades saw races split, riders get dropped, races come back together again and riders (occasionally) get back on (some cutting corners).  The majority of races, deservingly, won by small breakaway groups.  and the conditions – well, it was Casey Fields.

Some good race reports in this week’s newsletter and an insight into one of our long-time a-grade riders in Rob Amos – well worth the read.

Newsletter June 6th 2015

Newham, 30th May 2015

A hit out at the circuit where we’ll be running our VVCC Open event; another hike and another low turnout, but that didn’t deter the racing with some aggressive riding and some surprise results.  Most grades are represented in this week’s newsletter along with a feature on Royce Bennett, a great clubman and one who is remembered in the race that bears his name.

Newsletter May 30 2915

Eildon, 23rd May 2015

Another glorious day north of the range, clear skies, warm sun, no wind, no traffic, unfortunately a poor turnout.  Despite the low numbers there was still some good racing reports on A, C & E-grades in this week’s newsletter along with the specs of your new bike – an Audi or Aston Martin.

Newsletter May 23 2015

Yarra Glen, 16th May 2015

A classic winter’s day, mild and calm providing ideal racing conditions for the big turnout for this popular circuit.

Only a couple of race reports but if a picture paints a thousand words this week’s edition near rivals War and Peace.  Additional words on this year’s Alpine Classic from Nick Tapp and a run down of the new circuit at Newham.

Peter Gray can transport a couple of people to Eildon this Saturday with the trailer, please email:

Newsletter May 16 2015

Seymour, 9th May 2015 – Athletic Soft Tissue handicap

Full report from the Athletics Soft Tissue handicap, a small race that was fiercely competed under grey skies.  The handicapper doing a great job but his work undone by a few late withdrawals and a committed scratch bunch that must have had a party to get to picking up all and sundry in a show of power on their way to a clean sweep of the podium.  Check Rob’s report for scratch’s point of view.

Newsletter May 9 2015

Casey Fields, 2nd May 2015 – Club Criterium Championships

A mixed bag rolled up for the age-based championships, the ideal conditions of the previous two weeks did not and it was back to the same old same old.  A gathering northerly making the finish straight a slog and ensuring a hard day out for the lower grade riders up against their higher grade compatriots and almost certainly guaranteeing scattered bunches.

A bumper newsletter this week; race reports from the club championships, race report from the Forrest 6-hour, insights into the handicapper’s role, a write-up on the sponsor of this week’s race and tips on how to ride it.

Newsletter May 2 2015

Casey Fields, 25th April 2015

Casey Fields, again.  Been there, done that, and that seemed to be the attitude of the majority, that and the threatening weather, or maybe just the weather.  Whatever the reason it was a very small turnout on Saturday, the officials doing their best to make a race of it for the few who did brave the threat, a threat that, by all accounts didn’t eventuate, the conditions proved the most benign.  This week’s newsletter not only covers the limited racing from Saturday but also Alison Skene’s win in Northern Cycling’s Benghazi handicap.


Newsletter April 25 2015

Casey Fields, 18th April 2015

Courtesy of road works by the Nilumbik shire council the scheduled race at Arthurs Creek was not an option, over a kilometre of laid loose gravel making it too dangerous to run 23mm tyres across.  A last minute change had the club back at Casey Fields where conditions weren’t the worst we’ve seen.

Janita has managed to coerce two reports for members who were there and a terrific piece by Louise Wolfers on her foray into the world of CX.

Newsletter April 18 2015

Dunlop Rd, 11th April 2015

A beautiful day for racing brought out the big crowds, an almost full compliment of teams ensuring the a-grade race was stacked and going to be full on.  The minimal wind encouraged riders across all grades to try their legs against the field but where there was reason to chase there was chase and most races came back together before another one or two tried to skip up the road in an effort to break free the shackles of the peloton.

Newsletter April 11th 2015

Casey Fields, 4th April 2015

One might be forgiven for thinking the planets were way out of whack, a second week of sublime conditions at the notoriously windy Cranbourne paddock.  A good turnout this week of those who didn’t think themselves age championship material saw some solid racing across all grades.  The conditions such that anyone adventurous enough to have a dig found it hard going while the bunch seemed unaffected and invariably brought it all back.

Newsletter April 4th 2015

Casey Fields, 28th March 2015

A surprisingly small turnout on what was a not unpleasant Saturday afternoon for racing., courtesy of it being a team’s race the a-grade field making up almost a third of the total.  True to form the Casey breeze kept most bunches together, it was going to be a string person who rode more than a lap on their own.

The day was unfortunately marred by a fall in the a-grade race, on the run to what was promising to be the bell.  A reminder that we all need to be aware of others out there and ride with consideration of those around us.

This week’s newsletter is another bumper edition with a big wrap up of the Croydon Cycleworks series.

Newsletter March 28th 2015

Yarra Glen, 21st March 2015

Near perfect weather drew the crowds, Yarra Glen again showing its popularity with 90 starters – for a road race a good turn out, with all grades well represented, very good to see a decent f-grade field who, I hope, had a great time and will pass the enthusiasm on to others.

Ideal temperature and the slight tail wind up the Glenview rise taking a bit of sting out of the hill making it almost a pleasant afternoon ride, but the corresponding head wind along Yarraview made the finish a line too far.

Newsletter March 21 2015

Dunlop Road, 14th March 2015

Another bumper read with great pics from Lou Wolfers and Sandra Farrell.  A great day for racing, a bit of a wind making breakaways tough but that didn’t stop quite a few trying, the B-grade race dominated by Chris Ellenby and Bruce Will and those who went home early missed a brilliant race with the group shattering and reforming as aggressors surged and the remainder responded.

Newsletter Mach 14 2015

Casey Fields, 7th March 2015

Casey Fields didn’t disappoint, it was a tough rider’s day out.  Most races getting smashed, even the big c-grade bunch was shredded and it was a sub-set that raced for the podium.  All the stories and more are in this week’s newsletter.


Newsletter March 7th 2015

Dunlop Road, 28th February 2015

A good day, a good turnout, some aggressive racing and exciting finishes.  Another solid newsletter with a bit for all including a photo-bombing Ronnie.


Newsletter 28th February 2015

Yarra Glen, 21st February 2015

Unfortunately racing was cancelled due to a forecast, and attained, 37C but this hasn’t stopped Janita from putting together another bumper issue of news and views relevant to us all.

A great profile of Neil Cartledge and a comprehensive report on the State Criterium Championship with some great images provided by David Anderson.



Newsletter 21st February 2015

Dunlop Road, 14th February 2015

Rain at seven, clear by eleven – that’s how the concreter’s adage goes and so it was on Saturday.  The early morning showers and the weather bureau’s  lack of conviction maybe kept the numbers down but those that made the journey enjoyed near perfect conditions for racing.

The a-grade race saw a big field fight it out with breakaways brought back in time for a mass sprint that sent the officials on the line to the iPad to determine the placegetters.  A brave, determined late effort by Steve Short in C-grade nearly caught the group by surprise but a lap too far as he was swamped 100m after receiving the bell.  You can read all the news and more in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter 14th February 2015

Casey Fields, 7th February 2015

Almost extreme conditions had some suggesting we shorten the circuit so the riders wouldn’t have to race so far.  So we did, somebody parking a car at the second cut-through to divert riders around the bend and back along the back straight.  And to ensure the riders didn’t have to ride too far race times were kept to under an hour, even so it was still a tough day, a hot wind making for very draining conditions.

This edition is a bumper Women’s edition – I hope you enjoy reading about three EVCC women who are achieving pretty remarkable things in their cycling sport. I am certainly inspired by them. So what are your adventures – please contribute a story. Future bumper editions may include ‘safety’; ‘mens’; ‘nutrition’.


Newsletter 8th February 2015

Gruyere, 31st January 2015

We are introducing ‘image of the week’ to grace the front cover of all editions. I encourage you to submit an image. Maybe some healthy competition to be featured on page one! This week’s image was taken by Mark Edwards at last week’s Tuesday night’s METEC race, it shows the lone rider Chris Norbury being dwarfed by the presence of the ambulance that was attending the fallen Frank Nyhuis.

Mark took over a hundred photos on the night, and they are fantastic. I have featured a few more on page two.

Newsletter 31st January 2015

Dunlop Rd, 24th January 2015

It was warm to hot with a little breeze just controlling the temperature, very good for racing. The Tour Down Under probably accounted for the race entries for this popular venue to be down around 80, well below the 130’s of late last year and no A grade Teams race also would had some effect on entries. Never the less the racing in all grades was serious and competitive with many riders backing up for a guest rides in other grades, some higher, a good opportunity to test one’s self against the stronger riders without the commitment.

Ben Schofield, a sometime club member, turned up with some copies of his new book “Wheel Life”. Ben has put a lot of time and effort into this book and it is well worth the read. Ben quit his job to research, write and publish this book.

Newsletter 24th January 2015

Casey Fields, 17th January 2014

Multiple opportunities for points were on offer at Casey Fields, the powers what be determined that the day would be points based over two sprints, an intermediate and the final keeping the officials on the line on their toes, added to their workload was an a-grade teams race where the final ten places were required.  The conditions were going to be either friend or foe, fairly severe winds meant that bunches were either going to blow apart or cling together at all costs.  And as it turned out they were not the best of mates, most sprints being hotly contested by the majority of the fields, a reprieve in the team’s race with a group of six powering away early enabling the officials the relief of only having to split a manageable number over two finishes.

Newsletter 17th January 2015

Dunlop Rd, 10th January 2015

Again no racing but the new editor has put together a newsletter for your reading.

Newsletter 10th January 2015

Casey Fields, 3rd January 2015

Despite cancellation of racing due to the heat there are still goings on within the club.

Newsletter 27th December 2014

Casey Fields – Christmas Handicap, 20th December 2014

The Christmas handicap is attractive for several reasons, not the least is the sausage sizzle after racing put on by Ron Stranks. Thanks to Ron and Rob Suter.

But before-hand we had the traditional scratch race to determine the entrants for the handicap. As usual the first 5 went through to the handicap and 5th place was the one most riders like to get – you get through to the final with the minimum of energy usage.

The handicap was well ridden by the lower grades. A grade tried hard to get over a big gap not helped by the lack of wind and mild conditions. B and C had their work cut out for as well but they too couldn’t make up the required ground. D grade broke up early in the first of the 3 laps but the 3 remaining riders rolled efficient turns to pass F grade and then E grade on the last turn. Peter Gray from E grade showed his strong sprinting pedigree to hang on and finish over the big Dean Niclasen and Michael Muscat to be crowned the winner.

Newsletter, 20th December 2014

Dunlop Road, 13th December 2014

Dunlop Road attracted big entries in all the grades. The supplementary A grade race is proving popular. It is giving some B grade riders an opportunity to step up and try their hand in the ultimate grade while the big guns are racing in the ‘A grade Teams’ race and trickledown effect was seen in other grades.

All prize money was donated to a very worthwhile charity, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The Wednesday racing at the Loop also collected the prize money to create a substantial sum for cause.

Newsletter, 13th December 2014

Casey Fields, 6th December 2014

For the second week in a row at Casey Fields it was a reasonable turn out to try and master the tough conditions. It was windy (perfectly normal) from the start and just got stronger as the racing unfolded. Breakaways were rare and from what is known, only one, E grade, succeeded. Those that tried were left dangling to tire and then slipped back into the bunch through fatigue or as is the case of C grade, a lack of understanding over the bell lap that allowed the bunch to sprint and catch the unsuspecting escapee.


The final placing’s were decided by bunch sprints with heavy legs. Next week the flat track of Dunlop Road will bring some respite.

Newsletter, 6th December 2014

Casey Fields, 29th November 2014

You can never be too sure of the weather in Melbourne while you thought that Casey would always be windy. Saturday was probably the least windy for the year, the racing tactics that are usually employed by and large were in the jersey pocket and it showed. Grades that are normally aggressive, were riding slow while others were getting stuck in. E grade passed B grade, some C graders went to the front before the bell. It’s a wonder the first aider didn’t have some heart problems to treat. And in another grade, it was just a procession, until the last lap.

Full reports in the newsletter.

Newsletter, 29th November 2014

Dunlop Rd, 22nd November 2014

The first race at Dunlop Rd for the summer season saw big fields in all grades. The A grade Teams race was supplemented with an A grade crit for those A graders that were not part of the Teams format and perhaps there was a couple of B graders who took the opportunity to try their hand at A, without the big guns to dish out extra pain.

The remaining grades were also hotly contested. D grade had the equal biggest field with 29 starters that included several doubling up from their usual grades. This produced some interesting tactics in the sprint and the smart riders hit the front early to avoid the congestion. The same can be said for the other grades.

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