Dear Members,

You may have heard that Cycling Australia wants one organisation to oversee cycling for every state in Australia.

Auscycling would encompass all disciplines of cycling, MTB, BMX, CX, Road and Track. Auscycling is hoping that at the earliest, October would see MTB and BMX as the first disciplines to join the organisation.

When Auscycling is complete it would mean one licence fits all disciplines.  Click the link to find out more

The VCV believes that joining Auscycling rather than continuing as part of the AVCC is in the best interests of clubs, and is seeking feedback from clubs as to whether they support this position. The committee of Eastern Cycling is in support of this position.


What does your current AVCC licence give you?

Your AVCC licence ensures that you are insured to ride 7 days a week and enables you to compete in a veteran race run by either an individual club, the VCV or AVCC.  Currently without a CA licence you cannot compete in a CA club event or use your AVCC licence for most organised Fondos or charity rides.  This is the same for CA riders who cannot compete in a veteran event without a AVCC licence.

Many veteran riders choose the expensive option of buying both licences (AVCC & CA) to be eligible to compete in any AVCC, CA and Open events, giving riders more variety in race selection. This is especially true for female riders. This also means that those riders have two lots of insurance and if you are a Bicycle Network member, as well, three. If those riders have an accident while out training, which insurance covers them?


What will stay the same if we join Auscycling?

  • ECC would move to Auscycling as a MASTERS club.
  • ECC would continue to be run by our committee and volunteers.
  • Road races, criteriums and time trials would continue to be run by ECC using our own volunteer marshals, referees and other club officials.


What will be different if we join Auscycling?

  • AusCycling licences will be cheaper for 64 to 69 yo riders and for those who have in the past bought multiple licences.
  • You will be able to compete in all events, across all disciplines with the one licence.
  • Riders 30 years and over will be able to attend ECC races.


What happens next?

  • The committee of ECC will advise the VCV that we are are in support of their position and will fully cooperate to complete the merge as a Veteran club into a Masters club with Auscycling.
  • If you would like to comment or ask questions you can email Madam Secretary, Susan Williams

Kind regards,

Your  ECC committee.

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